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Batteries VS Power supply/daisy chain for pedals

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Mandobass, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. Mandobass


    Nov 12, 2002
    Raleigh, NC
    ok heres an open question:

    Is there a huge distinguishable difference between the quality of sound when batteries are in use in pedals vs when they are connected to a power supply and daisy chained.

    Just wondering, because i recently ordered a godlyke power supply with daisy chain and am now wondering if its going to affect my sound.

    thanks for any input on this matter.
  2. Hmm, well the manufacturers would probably say No, but i disagree. With a power supply, you have a "consistent" power source (i put it in quotations so none of the other EE's on this board tell me otherwise hehee I am aware of mains fluctuations and ripple!).

    Many pedals have small signal amplifiers in them etc, and they rely on voltage rails of Plus and Minus volts. When a battery begins to drain, these voltage rails decrease, thus not giving as much head room. *tries not to get too technical*

    Having said that, by plugging into the wall, you come in contact with the Mains Earth. If you have more than one pedal that uses its own power supply/wall wart etc, you can run into a problem known as Earth Loop. Gives a nasty hum.

    As for sound, it is quite possible for some distortions to sound clearer as out of a wall wart can often be higher than the rated voltage, even under load. ;) More voltage, more head room to amplify the signal.


  3. So if I power one lot of pedals with one multi-power thing, and another lot with a different multi-power thing (as I'm going to have to, one for my Boss pedals and at least one for the rest) will I get that problem?

    Would it make a difference if I used a multi-plug adapter? So I'd only plug into one plug on the wall?

    Or should I just stop worrying about it?
  4. There's the obvious reasons: batteries will die eventually, and they're expensive. Wall warts sometimes get messy with all the wires. But you got 84 wires already for your signal, so what's the deal?

    When I was (still) using separate pedals, I put a battery in each of them, and linked them all 3 to one wall wart. The advantage of having both is: when some g**tarist kicks your plug out of the pedal, it will still function. So it's an emergency measure. And a few times I forgot the wall wart, and had to use the batteries.

    I'm both a techie and a sound quality freak, and I tell ya (from both points of view) there's no difference.
  5. i use a power supply and a home made splitter and dont notice much to any extra hum or difference in sound quality... if its a half way decent power supply then go with it.