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    Feb 26, 2014
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    I recently upgraded from my first bass (Yamaha RBX170EW) to an Ibanez BTB-675. I love the sound of this new bass!
    My question is regarding the active component. I understand that I need to unplug - AT THE BASS... and that brings me to the question.

    While the Neutrik locking jack, is AWESOME for the stage, it sucks for unplugging every time I practice. Thus, I was wondering about installing a switch to break the battery connection (same as unplugging, right?).

    I found the wiring diagram for the included EQB-IIIs at the bottom of the following post in the ibanez forum:

    Would adding a switch inline on the black wire from the 1/4" jack to the battery effectively turn it off? I was thinking about a switch/pot to replace the included volume. Pull it out to turn it off, push it in to turn it on and use 'normally'.

    What do you all think?
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    I think it seems like a lot more effort than pushing in a red button. I didn't enjoy the jack on my BTB 676 when I first got it but you get used to it, Dingwall uses them as well, at least my ABZ has one.
  3. Yes, it would.

    A better solution IMHO is to power the internal pre amp from a wall wart and rid yourself of batteries altogether. PM me if you're interested. I'm not selling anything, just providing tips to fellow TB'ers. There are a couple of good threads on this if you do a search.

    My BTB675 and pedalboard have been battery free for over three years now. The mods are simple and there's no permanent mods to your guitar.
  4. I got a couple PMs so I'll post how I power my active basses off a 9v battery here.

    What's needed: stereo/TRS cable, 9V or 18V wall wart, breakout box (instructions below), and 1 9V connector (or 2 for 18V).

    I use a standard stereo/TRS cable between the guitar and the breakout box. I use a standard TS/mono/instrument cable between the breakout box and the amp.

    For the breakout box you'll need: a standard pedal box, a stereo/TRS socket, a mono/TS socket, a 9V power socket, an LED (option but recommended) with current limiting resistor, solder, shrink tubing.

    I've attached a schematic and a photo of the breakout box.

    Regarding the 9v battery clip. Connect the leads together (I like solder) and install it on the existing clip in reverse. Put some tape or heat shrink tubing over the connection. This short allows the 9V from the wall wart to go to the high voltage side of the preamp. It also allows you to easily reverse the mod by simply taking out the extra clip and installing a 9V battery in it's place then go back to using a normal mono instrument cable with your bass.

    I also built an effects looper/switcher to which I added a similar wiring scheme so my bass is powered from my pedal board when I use it.

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