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Battle of the bands

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by Will.God, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. bit of a bad story really. this was our second gig as a band, the first being the same place a year earlier when we had only been together for less than a year.
    previously called "The Pink Kittens" out of being unable to think of a decent name, we were now revamped and called "Heavy Metal Detectors" and we had to play 4 songs (not many, but we were just starting out).

    a few days before we'd only just finished writing a song, and had 2 hours to practice on the same day as the gig, so we got down to work and played solid, finishing knowing the song exactly

    later the same day at the gig, we came to play the new song and not only were the 2 guitarists out of tune, but the lead guitarist/vocalist forgot the lyrics and got lost less than halfway in. the drummer, as drummers do, was also going far too fast, especially as the track was written to be at 200bpm, and having only been playing bass for less than 2 years, my fingers were hurting like hell by the end of it.

    at the end of the gig, the vocalist said down the mic "that was worse than last year" in a really morbid way which made us look like we weren't enjoying ourselves and made us look crap.

    on a lighter note, the last song we played was the ace of spades by motorhead, and that went down a storm! also, i was told by the guitarist/vocalist that i was the only one who didn't get lost and that it was good that i kept it going.

    arse to battle of the bands, we came 3rd out of 3 that night. i'll be better prepared next time. :bassist:
  2. fatjbass


    May 29, 2004
    Portland, Oregon
    That sucks bro. My brother's three piece punk band played a battle of the bands last weekend that had fourty bands in it (15 year old kids in unintelligent punk bands.) The band that went before my brother's band took too long to setup and went through their set. This effected my brother's band because they had to cut down their set because of the band before them. They had to cut down ten minutes off their set. When their set is 25 minutes long, that is a bad cut.

    To make it worse, they paid 30 bucks for a guy to record the set.

    To make it even more worse, the guy started recording half way into their first song.

    To make it even more worse, the quallity was ****.

    What do you expect from battle of the bands?
  3. very true, this was at my old school, i've moved up to college now (college ot university) and am doing music technology so i am confident that if it was ever recorded, we would get it done free and to a very high quality as i have seen the vast ammounts of equipment and also heard previous live recordings. we may play the next battle of the bands, but cause we have not many songs down (due to the drummer living in wales and the rest of us about 3 hours drive away) it's hard to practice. we don't want a repeat of what happened with our new song last time.