battle of the effects

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  1. Boss Me-50b vs. Boss hm-2, EHX Big Muff, EHX Mini Q-tron, dunlop 105q wah on a boss pedal board thing :D
  2. i'd go with the ME-50b, just because i like the all-in-one package...fewer cable and battery/ac adaptor problems for me...
  3. i tried the me-50 the + and - octave thingy and the kick drum n stuff...but the quams i had with it, cos i hate using presets, i preferred to think of it as 3 pedals and a wah, if i wanted to use different distortions, id have to bend down and change it, where if i had the muff and hm-2 i wouldnt, but if i had the seperate pedals i wouldnt have all the extra bells n whistles.....its all very confusing
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    Feb 20, 2005
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    Could you speak proper English? I'm trying to understand you and it's rather difficult.
  5. im not english....learn aussie :p :D
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    You can get a momentary footswitch like the Boss FS-5U and use that to change up through the banks. That should get rid of one of your negatives about the me-50b.
  8. i just dont like patches and banks...thats why i was attracted to the me-50...KNOBS!
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    Mar 13, 2005
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    HM-2 et-al over the ME-50B... I prefer single effects over multi-effects, becuase then I can add them in as I want to add them in.

    I also find that with some brands (EHX, MXR) with large knobs, you can make adjustments.. with your feet..
  10. Plain Old Me

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    Dec 14, 2004
    I like my GT-6B because if i want to use more than one effect and quickly go to another set of effects, I don't need to dance over a buncha pedals.
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    May 31, 2005
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    That's where the True Bypass Looper comes into it ;)
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    The perfect balance still hasn't been reacher.
    ie, a multieffect unit that would allow banks and programs with any needed effet in a single box, as well as easy and intuitive editing on the fly like pedals.
    That would lead to the panel of a 70s analog synth.