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Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by cliffemall, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. cliffemall


    Dec 8, 2003
    Okay now that I got your attention...Im building my second custom bass. My first was a disaster. I mean yeah 2600 dollars poorer I had something nice but I just didnt like it...typical anal bassist. So that one whent to a friend of mine who was more than obliged to take it off my hands for a steal at 2300. But now, 1 year older, and wiser (i hope) Im going for round 2. Ive chosen a mahogany body, a rock maple neck with an ebony fingerboard. All fairly standard. Heres the "gotcha"...Im running a bartoloni MME 3 coil music man style pickup with a standart bartoloni jazz up top. (nice huh, wish i could get sum lane poor's though.) Originally I wanted to have 2 pre-amps onboard with a switch to throw in between the 2. When i realized that 36V in a bass plus 18 for the active pups is gonna require 6 batteries, my wallet cringed and i moved on. SOOO at last, heres my question...Demeter or Aguilar? I need a 3 band-er at least with push/pull (on/off) and a mid-selector. What will be the best sounding/highest quality. If you can think of some better companies, please let me know. Also, the bartolonis arent bad....but is there a company out there who makes like boutique quality PUP's? (similar to Alembic or Lane Poor) Im sure there are but i dont know em. Thanks!
    PS: I like the independent bridge systems (where each string has its own bridge) But where can i find ones similar to the ones on Ibanez basses where they're set into the wood? Maybe sting thru? also, if anyone thinks any of these ideas are overkill or dumb, lemme kno!
  2. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004
    Man, first thing that comes to mind is that experimentation seems best done at a cheaper level, unless you just want to waste a lot of cash. I'm amazed you were able to unload that bass for that kind of cash, even if it were a great bass.

    So for what it's worth, I've transplanted a bunch of low line Ibanez basses (GSR 200s, 300s) with Barts, Aggies, others. Have a wall of toastie basses at $300 a pop or less. I'd be willing to bet, if you got the sound you wanted out of one of these (or something similar), you could throw the same electronics in whatever bass using the same strings and be close enough to be satisfied with the results. Either that, or find a bass you like the sound of and get those electronics and strings to tip you in the direction you want to go. Or just buy that bass.

    Nobody can tell you what sound you like and there's tons of great pups and electronics out there at the boutique level, and probably some great cheap stuff as well. It's just trial and error.

    As for bridges, I personally like the Schaller roller bridges, where needed, cause they allow both string width and height adjustment. $50 new.

    Good luck, and keep in mind great basses don't make great players.
  3. cliffemall


    Dec 8, 2003
    Hey bro i totally hear ya! I preach the same sermon, and my main bass and the one i love and USE is a johnson with some nice fretwork and sweet elecs. The damn thing cost me maybe 400 and its better than just about ANYTHING in Guitar Center...but the reason for the rediculous expensive bass is, my band has reacently decided to record yet another CD, but after hearing the last one, I need a studio bass (thats the reason why I got the first one...RIP OFF) so this one will be mellower...bout 950 less flash but all quality electronics, a MUST for a studio. BTW, are those cheap ibanez's really that wonderful? Ive heard theyre damn good and they feel good, but for some reason, when i play em, i just dont trust them. They feel sorta flimsy.

    PS the reason I was able to sell that bass for so much was because it was literally less than 72 hrs old. It was kinda like i picked it up and it just felt wrong. Call me anal but im very particular about the feel of a bass. Probly has sumthin to do with the fact that i like to play with my eyes closed...people see it n think im cocky but i just really FEEL what im playing...like playin by the vibrations and feel ya know. Like I said bout the johnson, Its my baby, now n forever. If I go into guitar center n play or play on someone else's bass, im half the bassist I am on mine...call me crazy


    Aug 13, 2003
    Sulphur LA
    Cool pickups? Let's go to Germany shall we? There's some cool stuff over there. Glockenklang may also be doing an onboard bass pre soon. Here's two pickup sites. Hope this helps. www.lefay.de
  5. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    I don't know that I'd use the term wondeful for an Ibe, but it's all I need and it's easy to chuck a ton of money into music when you could have accomplished the same thing for comparative chump change. I like the light weight, the necks, 2 + 2 headstocks, larger than usual control bays, and the fact they're cheap and plentiful. I don't like the PJ config exclusion on their low ends that requires going to heavier woods or 4 + strings to get otherwise, so I'm going to route the cheap stuff and cofigure a pickgaurd to coverup. As for durability, they'll take a beating. It'll just show more than harder woods. But I could see how someone would perceive them as flimsy relative to some stuff. But to reiterate, the stock electronics don't stay for any longer than the time it takes to yank them, and the sound is the bottom line.

    All works fine for me but doesn't mean it'll work for you and my response to the post wasn't even a suggestion, more a thought. Go with what works for you whatever it is.

    It goes without saying there are plenty of "non-boutique" basses used in studio. Still plenty of engineers around that don't want to see somebody show up with anything but a standard Fender, even though mainly it seems you'd want something quiet. Plenty of people have used Ibanez for that matter, but not the low end stuff.

    And plenty of bass players play with their eyes closed, espcially when there's something in the audience you really don't want to see.

    Enjoy, and play MO' Bass.

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