SOLD BBE 462 Rackmount Maximizer / Processor , Digitiech 256 Effects Rackmount

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    As pictured, a good old-fashioned BBE 462. It works 100% as new, I simply don't need it because my preamps are BBE with a built-in Maximizers.
    How about $40 plus shipping in the lower 48, which I'm going to guess is around $15. If it's under $20, I'll eat whatever's over 15, if it's less than 15, I'll refund the difference.

    The Digitech is overkill since I run a pedalboard, but if you need it, it's 256 freakin' channels of reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, and layers, with everything except distortion and compression. Get some real PinkFloydish dizziness-inducing swirls when you tweak the settings, if you wish. I do not have a footswitch for it. The output level pot is dirty and will scratch a bit when changing the level, but I'll probably clean it before shipping it out. Once it's set, it's fine, but Ilike I said, I'll hit it with some cleaner tonight. $35 plus shipping.

    I'm open to trades for off-the-wall pedals (OD's/distotion), rack compressor, Rickenbacker 4008, whathaveyou.


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    I'll take the digitech, pm with paypal
  3. Both sold locally to the same guy, after being listed on CL without a single reply for three weeks...... it's all about timing, I guess. Thread closed