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BBE 482 vs. 362 maximizer

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by KB, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. KB

    KB Supporting Member

    Jan 13, 2000
    Chapel Hill, NC
    I am considering getting a BBE maximizer to put in my bass rig and was trying to decide between the 482 and the 362. The 482 has 2 maximizers and the 362 just has one. But I think I only need 1 for my bass rig, plus the 362 is only about $95-$100 where the 482 is close to $200.

    Can both be used with the same(or very similar) results in a bass rig?

    I assume that "ganged" operation of the 362 means the 2 inputs are controlled together is this true????

    For reference my rig is a SWR SM500 and two Aguilar GS112 cabinets.

    I am leaning towards the 362 due to price, but just wanted to get thoughts. I have searched the archives but not really found much on the 362 vs. the 482.

  2. I would recommend the 362 NR.
    I use one with my SM 400-S and it
    makes a big difference. Great for SWR amps
    that have the Transparency feature.

    You really don't need two individually controled
    channels. The 362 series is a two channel Sonic
    Max. The two channels ganged with one
    control is fine. If your using the SM 500 in stereo
    you don't want different Process & Contour
    for each channel anyway.

    The Noise Reduction feature is a big bonus.
    The BBE Process control boosts highs and
    can contribute to raising the noise floor (hiss),
    the NR tames this phenomenia. It's also handy
    for the tweeter high freq. hiss that comes
    with any Transparency boost from the SM 500.

    Yet another Bonus: Compression increases background hiss
    and rounds off the lows and highs.
    NR feature comes in handy, once again.
    A BBE placed after a compressor helps
    to regain some dynamic that compression removes.

    Turn on the NR feature... Yum.
    Turn it off, Yipes!
    If you could test both with your amp before buying
    you'll see what I mean.

    Also the 362 NR has other handy uses.
    Hooked up to your home stereo in the Monitor
    I/O it makes a big improvement in sound quailty,
    Especially when recording for old tapes to new tapes, cd's or mp3's.
    Cleans 'em up and makes 'em shine.

    Getting back to your question:
    If your on a budget, the 362 is a bargain.
    But it doesn't have RCA I/O's for patching into
    your stereo (most common use of RCA jacks).


    If your willing to spend $200 on a 482;
    then the 362NR with the Noise Reduction
    feature is better then either.


    See? Same number of Inputs & Outputs.
    Both 1/4" unbalanced and RCA jacks (for your stereo).


    Fourth Generation... Bah! Don't Believe the Hype.
    Older BBE techology is better then the newer=cheaper circuit design.
    My studio tech swears by first generation BBE
    technology and collects 'em.
  3. The 326 is stereo with ganged pots.

    I've owned both the 362 and the 482 (upgrade to it??). The 482 sound sucks. Go with the 362. MUCH better unit.

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