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BBE BMAX / Crown XLS 402 / SWR Goliath III / MORE!!!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by Korey, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Korey


    Oct 29, 2003
    Lexington, KY
    I'm selling off my mid sized rig simply because I don't use it anymore. All items are lightly used, but loved, not abused. This amp saw action about four nights a week in its prime (6 months ago) in a practice studio, but now it is collecting dust in my living room. I only used it at gigs a couple of times. I am not real interested in trades right now, cash is best. The entire rig has never been anything but stellar. Never even the slightest hiccup. The reason that I am selling is simple: I don't use it. I'm not playing much at all anymore. Here are the items.

    Pre Amp. BBE BMAXX Preamp with factory input modification (makes the gain knob more usefull on high input basses). Like new condition. Bought from another talkbasser, ebmuscmanlvr83, in January. I have NEVER been dissapointed in this pre.
    $200 + 40 shipped to you (US) in original box inside of another box.


    Power Amp. Crown XLS 402 2U power amp. Bought brand new (that means that the warrantee transfers) in January for use with the BBE. Although its a cheap poweramp, my only gripe about it is its wieght, which comes with most power amps. It is also in like new condition. I run the amp at 8 Ohms Bridged mono. The amp puts out a very solid 800 watts at that impedance, and has no problem all the way down to the low B string on my basses. This amp is a simple one. The front controls consist of a volume know for each (2) channel, status LEDs, and the power switch. On the rear it had inputs for each channel (XLR only), Main power input, two types of speaker outputs (binding posts, and Speakon). A special cable is required to run the amp in bridged mono. I made one myself by following the directions in the manual. That adaptor is included with the amp.
    $200 + $50 shipped to you (US) in large well packed box.

    Case. Bought used January of '04, and used with several amps since. Nothing out of the ordianry as far as a used case goes. I'll have more pics later.
    $30 + $15 Shipped to you (US) in a well packed box. OR FREE with the purchace of the Pre/Power togeather.

    Cab. SWR Goliath III 8ohm, 4x10. This is a sweet cab. Nice and beefy. I bought it used in January '04 and used it with my 350x for a while until the 350x was replaced by the pre/power rig above. This one is a little older, with the grey and black spatter grill. It looks great (I like it better than the new chrome grilles, it doesn't show fingerprints). It has some slight wear that you would expect. No tears in the carpet ot anything like that. All four speakers are in perfect working order as is the tweeter.
    $450. I will not ship this cab UPS or any other normal ground carrier. I am in Lexington, KY. I am willing to deliver the cab within 100 miles for whatever it will cost me in gas at the time (probably about $50). That puts me in range of Cincinatti, Louisville, close to Nashville. I'll do what it takes to make a sale.


    Possibly some basses to come as well (MIM Jazz, SX Jazz, Parts)

    The pre and power amps are already on the 'bay. If you are offering less than my listed prices, I will probably direct you there. Ask any questions, I am an upfront guy. More pics at my picturetrail account: http://www.picturetrail.com/koreymorey/
    Click on FOR SALE More pics of everything tonight (friday)

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