BBE Bmax-T output question

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  1. GC has a BBE Bmax-T preamp on its used site for $169 - had to bite at that price, right? I've had it for the past few days, and it's in good shape. Compared to my Fender TBP-1 it has more clarity, a but more aggressive in the mids - I like it. But one thing I've noticed is its output is MUCH higher than the Fender. There's no way for me to measure it of course, but let's just say that with a passive P bass in the passive input, I can only get the gain control to about eight o'clock and the master to around 10 o'clock before overdriving the input stage of my power amp. This can't be normal, right?
  2. In case anyone searches this issue, I found out that many of the earlier preamps suffered from a manufacturing or design flaw which causes excess output, and the issue is known to BBE. Once they confirm that yours is one of the affected units, they will modify it for free. I'm not sure if this flaw is in all Bmax preamps, or just the tube version. Mine is on its way back to BBE for repair.
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    You'll be glad you got it. It's a good unit and my guest players always liked mine. The EQ is a little odd but has a lot of range.
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    Those were the earlier BMax, before the "T" model, so I'm thinking yours shouldn't have that issue.
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    Yeah, that Fender-type tone stack, 2-10-2 for "flat". I can't stand those.

    I have one, the regular BMax, but recently took it out of the rack. I didn't use the Sonic Maximizer thing, either.

    I replaced it with a SansAmp RBI which suits me better, but the BMax is a well-designed, quality unit. :)
  6. BBE's repair manager had me open up the preamp and send him a picture of the input circuitry, and confirmed that my unit suffered from the issue and needed a mod, so I guess he'd know.
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