bbe is clipping?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by rexspangle, Oct 21, 2001.

  1. hey

    I hooked my bbe 362 nr up to the fx loop on my bass 350 and I can't seem to get it to stop clipping.
    can this harm the sonic maximizer or do they normally clip a fair amount?

  2. Clipping? That's not right.
    My 362NR doesn't clip at all.

    That's very strange! It's just not right. I don't have any problems with mine using a SM 400-S.

    Something is going on.

    I keep the Contour 11:00 and Process set at 12:00.
    Just checked my system. It seems to clip more readily if the Contour is cranked. Anything past half way up is for adding 50Hz bass to sources lacking in low end. With the control set at noon max., it should be no problem. The clip light comes on at 3db below actual clipping. Nevertheless, it shouldn't be coming on.
  3. Prolly the signal going into it is way too hot. See if the amp has a "pad" switch for the FX out, or a level control. I don't know the bbe 362. Possibly it has an input gain knob. If it does, turn it WAY down.

    Clipping = too hot signal.
  4. On my head there is an fx blend but that doesn't seem to do anything except adjust the amount of the effect. Hmmm yeah that isn't good I will try to mess with it more at next practice. Thanx guys, if you come up with anything let me know.
  5. Keep the effect blend all the way over to wet.
    Full Effect.
    Otherwise, your defeating the purpose.
  6. yeah I do keep it the fx blend to wet. However I did read my manual a little closer and it says the gain can adjust the signal sent to the fx unit. it didn't seem to work when i tried it but now that i read it in the manual i will focus more on doing that.

    thanx again