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  1. Im looking for info on this effect, did a search and lots of them mentioned the effect but none really explained it. I'm in the process of builing a new rig and I have the basic stuff and was just looking to get the over the top studio sound. My rig is more Hi Fi then tube ( Cirrus 5 > A.R.T. Pro channel mic pre> QSC RMX 950 > Mesa Powerhouse 1000 & doyle 2 x 15). Would this help my rig and is there any other manufactures that make something similar, as well whats the price range. My band Plays early 90s alternative, but im looking for somthing flexible.
  2. Ron Now

    Ron Now

    Sep 3, 2003
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    It clears up your signal ever so slightly...At least that is how I use mine. You don't really notice the difference untill you A/B it with your signal without one going. I mainly keep mine in the rack because it makes my distortion tone more pronounced.
  3. No one else has used this?
  4. BassGod


    Jan 21, 2004
    Are you talking about the pedal or the rack unit? Because I'm very interested in the pedal...