BBP34 split coil pickup not working, then started working

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    Feb 1, 2021
    Hey. Just bought this used mint condition bbp34 off reverb. My first ever used buy. It is a P J pup config

    I get it out of the case and plug it in and the split coil pup has no sound. Tone works, J pup works. I am thinking it’s a Lemon. I keep screwing around and unplug my cable and turn off and on my stage 800 amp. No sound. I break out a screw driver and tap the j coils. They sound right. Tap the p coils and hear a faint sound. Tap a little more and the sound is normal. Pluck the strings and the split coil is working as it should.

    confusing to say the least

    I open the back panel and nothing has been messed with. It all looks brand new in there. After a half hour of playing it’s is still working like it should

    the bass is superb condition wise. I have a 7 day window if I want to return. I got this bass for $500 less than retail so it was a huge bargain.

    should I worry about this and just return it and buy one brand new or chalk this up to a what the blank moment?
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    For $500 off I'd keep it and spend the $40 for a new pickup.
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  3. Crater


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    Probably some dust or crud got on the split pickup volume pot and was blocking the signal. If it's working fine, leave it alone for now.
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