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  1. Hello bass community. Is it only me or do any of you find BC Rich basses hideously and god-awfully UGLY??? I see a lot of them on Craigs and I just wonder, in my spare time, who the hell buys them?? BTW, I think Danelectros run a close second in ugliness. Any other contributions to this list would be greatly appreciated. Please, my apologies and no offense to those who already own them.

    ps. I feel you could actually injure yourself seriously with the BC if it falls on you.
  2. See the rules. No "ugly bass threads".
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    Beauty is in the eye of the bassholder.
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    ugly post, ewww
  5. This is another useless thread.

    They are "dated". Very 80s metal. If you're in a Kiss tribute band, a BC rich and a prosthetic tongue will be absolutely a necessity.

    The US & Japanese BC Rich have a great reputation.

    Yet, they look awkward and would consider one only if I was in a hair metal cover band. Tried to be in one but the band acted very rudely: after sending me the song list for the audition (about 10, 5 I knew already but still 5 new to learn), radio silence. No email, no call back. Unbelievable.
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    Some people, including and especially me, like them.

    The US-made instruments from mid-80's and prior go for big dollars. There's a reason for that. They're extremely well made and they sound and play great.
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    My Eagle was stripped to the wood, stained, defretted and suped up. Its a sex bomb now, givin everyone whiplash!
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