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BC Rich help

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by S. Byrnes, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. I have an old BC Rich Warlock that was modded with two EMG P-pickups on an active circuit with just 2 volumes and a tone. The original preamp with switches and controls was still in the bass. The preamp has a BCR-1 stamp on it and was connected to 4 2-position switches and a huge rotating 6-position switch connected to a transformer-looking thing. If anyone has any info or know where I could find some info or a wiring diagram to reconnect all this, I would apprectiate it.
  2. brrich.com has a users section and I'm sure one of the old hands can provide the necessary info to get that beast up and running in proper style.
  3. thanks I'll try that. I looked at the wiring diagram for the guitars and it appeared similar, but when I checked it to the wiring on the bass it's different.
  4. just an offhand question brynes, you still with nevr deadr society? i remember i used to see you guys headlining alot at local shows, but haven't heard much since your guitarist left
  5. Yeah, I'm the new bassist. The last bassist left to play keyboards in a black/death metal band :rolleyes: . Their original bassist was apparently amazing, but he left without a word one day to start his life over. I only joined a couple of months ago and we're already on our third guitarist. The guitarist is from my other band Avatar and is very competant, so he should work out. Believe it or not we are getting ready to sign with a new label in February.
  6. your the one with that green bc rich, right?? I've heard alot from your drummer about how you have been working with two guitarists; now you have 3? or you've tried out 3? It sounds pretty cool considering i'm still working on finding a decent guitarist for my band, but (no offense) doesn't it sound like a little too much for a rap metal band?
  7. We have tried out three different guitarists since I joined. The one they were working with when I joined was just aweful and I was going to quit if I had to work with that guy. The next guy was a great player but unreliable so he got the boot. The new one is the most promising, we are working with just him now. Even though its "rap-metal" we still have 2-3 different guitar tracks going down, which will be done by just the one new guitarist in the studio. I have an old black BC Rich, but I haven't picked it up in ages until today to take it apart :D . I play mostly on my Cort Curbow, which I'll be upgrading from soon. Everything is coming together nicely, and I think the kid with the green BC you are thinking of was the last bassist who joined the black metal band. Have you seen us live in the past? The drummer is great, I've never seen someone play double bass so fast/evenly, and his transition are seemless. I know a guitarist that goes to school with me, he lives in Clifton I think, but he's been playing guitar for like 9 years or something and is looking for a band.
  8. i thought that you guys prettymuch just collapsed as a band, cuz I'd always see Mario, but no Nevr Deadr. and since you guys used to play a LOT of shows for punch records (our "underground venue" besides Hamilton Street cafe) i just figured something happened.
  9. bassclef112

    bassclef112 Supporting Member

    Sep 2, 2003
    New York City, NY
    ...go here.


    Neal is the guy who designed all those circuits back in the day. He not only has replacement parts and diagrams, but is a very cool guy to deal with and can answer any of your questions. A regular fount of info regarding the older BC Rich stuff.