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    Jan 6, 2016
    Sorry, I've tried and tried to search. I and an idiot with computers though,so forgive . The story. Just bought my old friends BASS from his family, he played in metal bands through the 80s and died I believe in 1992 in a car crash. The mockingbird has been in its case every since. I can't find any info on the serial number..... It has just a single "B" not BO.....or BC......and has a low number....its and American bolt on. Any help on a date on this, and why only a B. Haven't seen that. And headstock has the 4 in a row, not the 2 and 2. Thinking of restoring her, as she still plays really nice but would like to get as much info on her.thanks guys

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    If it is a USA model, it will say "Made In The USA" on the headstock just below or beside the B.C. Rich script logo. (which yours does) Unfortunately the serial numbers are a bit hard to date because there was no uniform way they were assigned a number at Bernie's original shop. The neck plates were pre-stamped and pulled out of a box at random when it was time to install the neck onto the guitar or bass.

    lol all I know for sure is it was manufactured between 1974 and 1989

    production changed hands so many times in the 80's and 90's that they serial number got out of sequence and didn't get back on track till about 93

    the B indicates it's a bolt on...and normally the first two digits are the manufacture year, but again at Bernie's original shop there was no way to be sure

    but as an educated guess based on the Headstock and the fretboard i would say roughly 1984 is a safe bet
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  3. Firefighter@17

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Thanks, had a guy tell me on facebook that it is without a doubt an 88, asked how he can tell, to please let ducate me, and he said he's just seen plenty of them. So don't know how accurate that is, hA
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