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bc rich strange salmony colour pattern guitar / bass?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by choo5, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. choo5


    Apr 15, 2004
    sydney, australia
    i saw a bc rich iron bird near my house with this funny finish on it (i know its original i saw a warlock with the same one on ebay a long time ago) iv been looking for hours trying to find a picture of this (body art?)

    im thinking of buying this guitar (sory i know its a electric but i didnt know where to turn with this question) and i love the shape of the iron bird, can anyone come up with a picture of any guitars with this paint on it?

    its a pinkish salmony colour (sory if my pattern picture doesnt match colour - im colour blind :bag: )

    patterns kinda like this



    thanks for your help (and not flaming me :hyper: )