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Be advised upon Squier bridge changeout

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by littlepope, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Squier 2010 P Bass Special. Took upon myself to change the bridge out from the bent-piece-of-metal they call it. The standing choice was driven by (1. not spending a whole lot of moola, (2. not Badass, to far from looking stock, (3. more sustain, more massive footing.

    What I picked was the Fender CV '50 J bass bridge. In Nickel looking chrome. as it does not shine quite as bright as regular chrome machine heads, knobs etc. Found out it comes in nickel and chrome. :meh:One is labelled '50 CV Jazz bass, the other 'CV 60 Jazz bass. The '60 J bass is exactly like what is on a Jazz bass CV '60 now only this chrome saddles - not brass type. Reading and knowing a bit about the metal properties it should work ok.:smug:

    The bad part::rollno:

    Even though they both are 5 hole bridges I still had to use the center hole for mounting and drill slightly the 2 most outer holes to fit. Went back to check specs and the new bridge is wider on the mouting plate than the stock Squier. Both still maintain 19mm string spacing as far as I can tell by playing.

    This supposed to be a frop in change so ya learn a little bit. Just for thought: I placed an old design bridge that has been beefed-up in a newer bass with a cheap stock model. It did make a huge difference in sustain and attack. Now I realize why that bridge is in CV '60 Jazz bass.

    It is here: Fender Classic Vibe '50s Precision Bass Bridge

    Let me know if other bassist ran across this.
    Later 'player.

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