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  1. -Asdfgh-


    Apr 13, 2010
    The (English) Beat was on first. It was unfortunately a bit hard to hear the bass, but I know the bassist is very good, having seen both incarnations of The Beat before. Oscar Harrison is a great drummer, and was very audible. There are two guitarists now, which expands the palette a bit compared to previous gigs. In terms of the performance, absolutely spot on, and the limited material from the new album played is very credible, although some of it sounds like it would fit more on a General Public album, but then arguably the first General Public album was the fourth Beat album. It's a band very much driven by bass and drums.

    On second was The Selecter. I am not sure how Pauline Black does it at her age, but she has boundless energy, and her voice is pretty amazing. The bassist is also excellent in this band, playing a fiesta red Precision of some age, given the wear, with an anodised pick guard (The Beat is also Precision-driven and fingerstyle). The bassist looked sharp in a suit (all the band wore suits), and played mosty fingerstyle, but also sometimes with the thumb with muting at some points in some tracks, and either with a pick or thumb and forefinger held together on a few tracks. Again the limited new album material is great. The guitarist looks a bit like Gaz from Supergrass, but I presume it isn't him. The bass was easier to hear but the drums could have been a bit louder.

    The sound wasn't perfect - a bit toppy and not enough mids in the bass - but my earplugs cleaned that up somewhat.

    Well worth seeing if you can find tickets for the rest of the tour, and this is the sort of music you like, or even if it isn't. And not all the audience was oldies, as there were a number of people around 20 very much enjoying it and dancing furiously.
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  2. Oddly


    Jan 17, 2014
    Dublin, Ireland.
    Sounds like a great show. Going to see them next March in Dublin. Really looking forward to it.
  3. -Asdfgh-


    Apr 13, 2010
    I saw The Selecter about a dozen years ago in a small venue, and it was good, but this was better. Seeing The Beat in a similarly-sized small venue was also very good. This time it was a larger venue, 1000+ capacity, and absolutely full.

    I've seen The Beat a few times, although gradually Saxa and Everett Morton dropped out, so it's just Ranking Roger, but it's been consistently excellent, just not as well dressed. The Dave Wakeling version of The Beat is a bit more pop-oriented than Ranking Roger's version, but still slick and professional, although some rude words slip into the banter. Ranking's version is probably overall more true to original Beat in sound, Dave Wakeling's more towards some of the sweeter General Public stuff. Having said that, if you listen to some of the live Beat stuff from the early 80s, the current version is much more in tune, which may be partly due to better monitoring.

    I'm pretty sure, given the occasional view of wires, that The Selecter was using IEMs pretty much across the board. The bassist did have an amp, but either I was at the wrong angle to see it, or the guitarist didn't have an amp at all. The Beat was definitely using guitar amps.

    The best Beat bass quality I heard was at an outdoor festival.
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