SOLD Beat up Geddy Lee Body, Partially Loaded

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    Up its a beat on geddy body. Lets see first there is a chip on the back I took a photo of, there is also a extra hole drilled in a horn, see photos. Additionally there was extra routing to fit a preamp. The are under the control plate was widen a little on the side and then tunnel deeper into the side. I took a photo showing this and also a photo of it with a chrome control plate on it. The routing wasnt done super pretty but its passable and the bare wood was sheilded. The chrome screws for the control plate, 3 of them seem to have very little bite so I would maybe fill those 3 holes then re screw the screws in.

    Anyways scratches on the back etc. The good news is its a nice light body. The pocket was done well and the neck fit nicely no weird gap. I debated getting a peal guard and blocked neck and making a relic geddy lee, but if you pay attention to me you will know I have to many projects. I had a geddy body stripped natural and stained walnut and it was awesome, so that or a repaint would be sweet. Also these dont have routing between the control area and a guard. I have always wanted to refinish one and fill the pickguard screw holes so its guard less.

    Included is a black guard, the chrome control plate, a 75 RI bridge, all pickguard/plate screws, dunlop strap buttons and a neckplate but with only 3 screws I lost one.

    I can get a weight if a factor.

    $150 shipped CONUS.

    This photo is complete, the parts stated above are whats included, not the pickups or pots.

    image (24).jpg
    0420141726.jpg 0420141727.jpg image (27).jpg image (29).jpg image (30).jpg image (36).jpg image (38).jpg
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