For Sale Beatles: original vintage sheet music, songbooks, paperbacks, more

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    Dec 22, 2004
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    Extensive Beatles collection, mostly from 1965, '66, '67 and onward.
    Vintage memorabilia.

    Original sheet music from the band. And original songbooks.

    Original sheet music from the boys as solo artists. And original song books.

    Plus paper backs, hard bound books and magazines from various years with the Beatles as the topic, a few 45s and sleeves.

    Sheet music and songbooks are the major treasure here and that’s what I collected as priority.

    Sheet music is carefully stored in two large, clean, sturdy white scrapbook albums, 14 by 13 inches each. Pages in the albums are clear, acid-free, non-yellowing high quality plastic. The sheets will ship to you in the scrapbook albums.

    Album One contains several dozen sheets of the Beatles (whole band), including original US, UK and a few sheets from other countries. There are a few reprints included that were published shortly after the original sheets. Album weight is about 7 pounds.

    Album Two contains a few dozen sheets of the Beatles as individual artists. Most of these are US sheets. Album weight about 5 pounds.

    Dozens of sheets, many in very good ++ condition.
    Some excellent. Some worn. Some with a price sticker some vendor placed over the lower printed price on the sheet. Typical stuff.
    In several cases there are two or three sheets of the same song, different cover photos or just different condition.

    There are many songs books (books of 12 or so songs by the Beatles usually all the songs from an album). These are original.

    Included is a 1984 Life Magazine in great shape featuring the Fab Four on the cover; a 1965 Beatlebook of Recorded Hits no. 2 with cut outs still intact; a Lennon/McCartney Lyrics book from 1968 in excellent condition; and two 1965 Hard Day's Night Songbooks, one like new and one VG; a 1968 fully intact Sgt. Pepper's songbook with color photos and cutouts in great shape; a 1965 "Beatles '65" songbook, fully intact in great shape; a 1965 Play Guitar Like the Beatles in fine condition; 1966 Beatles Souvenir Music Book, VG condtion.

    and much more including songbooks of the individual Beatles including the Imagine songbook; Harrison songbooks.... McCartney. The whole list is indexed in a spreadsheet.

    There are a few early Capital 45 sleeves and 45s included, though that hasn't been on my collector's radar: A Hard Day's Night, I Saw Her Standing There (sleeves).

    Also included is a shrink wrapped early edition of the 1995 Beatles Anthology. My wife bought this for me right after its November ‘95 publication. It is an early edition, never opened or unwrapped.

    All items will be carefully, lovingly packed. I estimate it will take maybe three boxes to ship everything.
    Shipping is included to conus addresses. Your nickel to ship elsewhere.

    If you are seriously interested in this Complete collection, PM me and I’ll send you a well indexed spreadsheet containing the list of items along with publication date and condition.

    We are downsizing and my kids don’t want this loot.
    I can provide a link to dozens more photos if you are interested.
    If you’re a collector you know the first picture is a very rare sheet, and it’s in great condition.

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