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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by SUNBURST, Sep 15, 2002.



    Sep 14, 2002
    According to the Rickenbacker site WWW.RICKENBACKER.COM They state that Paul Mcartney used a Rickenbacker Bass in Fireglo from 1966 on. I always thought that his Bass was in Jetglo. Can someone verify the correct color used, if you have a pic please post. Thanks:p
  2. I have a Beatles calendar with a couple pictures of Paul McCartney and a fireglow (pink to red) Rickenbacker. He had some sort of psychedelic paint job on the top horn. The bass was also known for it's reversed headstock.
  3. Thornton Davis

    Thornton Davis

    Dec 11, 1999
    McCartney's 4001 was made in January 1964 and offered to him when the Beatles first played the Ed Sullivan Show in Feb/64.
    FC Hall brought it to NY along with a 360/12 (the 2nd one ever made). Both guitars were factory finished in FIREGLO. George was feeling under the weather on that trip so Mr Hall presented him with the 360/12 when McCartney wasn't around. It was a gift. A local radio station heard that Mr Hall had given the guitar to George and offered to pay Rickenbacker for the guitar. But the offered was declined by Mr Hall.
    Mr. Hall caught up with Paul the next day and offered him the 4001. Thinking that he had to pay for the bass, he declined it. According to Mr Hall, Paul's 4001 was the first left handed one made by Rickenbacker.
    Later that year the 360/12 was front and center in the Beatles movie and soundtrack "A Hard Days Night". Paul now wanted the 4001.
    He received it from FC Hall and his son John (current RIC president) in 1965 at a Beatles concert held at the Hollywood Bowl.
    This time McCartney knew the bass was a freebee and gladly accepted it.
    He didn't start to use it until the next year when Rubber Soul and Revolver LP's were recorded.
    In 1967, he had "The Fool" paint it for the Sgt Pepper's and Magical Mystery Tour sessions. "The Fool" also painted George's Sonic Blue Fender Strat at the same time. Just look at any pictures of the Beatles from this era and you can clearly see the results of "The Fools" paint jobs on their guitars.
    In 1968 John stripped the sunburst finish off his Epi Casino and found he liked the sound much better.
    Paul decided to sand off the finish of his 4001 put on by "The Fool" along with the original factory Fireglo finish, leaving the bass natural or Mapleglo.
    A year later Paul decided to modify the upper horn on his 4001 by sanding it down by a quarter of a inch. This is how he used the bass during his tenure in Wings during the 70's and it is how the bass remains to this day.
    Rickenbacker have recently released two versions of Pauls 4001 bass. The first version is pre 1970 the 4001C64 (Fireglo only) and the second is post 1970 the 4001C64S (Mapleglo only complete with modified upper body sanded horn).
    Rickenbacker claim these two new basses are identical to McCartneys original 4001 bass and the modified version of it.
    PS - John used black (Jetglo) Rickenbackers (325, 325/12. George also used a Jetglo 425 for a short period of time in 63)
  4. nivagues


    Jan 18, 2002
    Paul sanded down both horns didn't he?
    I thought George did his own guitat art work. Remember an article where he said he borrowed Patty Boyd's nail polish.

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