Beautiful Jaydee Supernatural Mark King bass for sale

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  1. For those of you that are not familiar with Jaydee basses, John Diggins (JD) is a custom luthier in Birmingham, England. This model, the Mark King signature, is the bass that made Jaydee famous.

    This bass is loaded with custom features. Jaydee makes his own electronics, which are truly amazing - bright and powerful. The pickups have hardwood covers made of ebony and maple. The electronics offer a lot of custom settings and come complete with an XLR out (in addition to the regular jack) that allows for direct input into a mixing board. Jaydee also makes the bridges - carved out of "bell quality" brass.

    The body has a 5 piece center and Brazilian Mahogany sides. The neck, and the laminated center to the body are made of Mahogany, Maple and Walnut. The neck and headstock are fully bound and the fretboard is Ebony. The inlays are Jaydee's custom Saturn/crescent design.

    Jaydee basses are the premier funk (slap) style basses, but their bright and tight sound is ideal for many other styles of music.

    Comes with the original amazingly sturdy (and bright red!) custom hard case.

    I am in the US but can also deliver it to the UK since I will be there next month. I would take $1600 plus shipping in the US or £1000 including delivery in the UK. I can take some additional photos is anyone is interested.

    I’m not interested in any trades and the prices are currently not negotiable since I am in no hurry to part with this bass!
  2. More pictures to follow.
  3. Another photo
  4. The custom inlays - very cool!
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    PM Sent your way.


  6. Still available. I'm in the US right now and will be for several weeks, but will also be in the UK in the near future and could still work out a deal either place.
  7. Still available.
  8. Still available