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  1. this is a jackson jpb-8 bass guitar... the pics do not do it justice... i got this as a gift from my now ex-girlfriend... According to the Jackson archive, "Introduced and discontinued
    in 1995. Never appeared in any catalog, only appeared in our dealer
    newsletter in 1995." from what ive heard the reason for this was that jackson stole the design for this bass from a german luthier named marleaux i never really though much of jackson basses until i got this... its visually stunning and has the best neck that ive ever played... really fast and thin... and has a unique sound... i prefer my spector over it and i cant afford to keep both (or any of my other basses)... it has some dings in inconspicious areas from its former owner but that never bothered me... if someone wants to see pics of the imperfections i can try to take pics but im not sure how well they will show up with my crappy camera... im not sure what this is worth because info on this is hard to come by... the info i got about it was from a harmony central review of this bass... make me an offer

  2. admittedly my camera sucks... and as i said the photos do not do this bass justice, here are some new ones i took outside that give you a better picture of how this bass looks
  3. another
  4. bottom line... i need money 500 or best offer... these pics still dont do it justice... i need a new camera
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    egotistical, STOP !! You are digging yourself into a hole. If you plan to stay here at Talkbass drop the argument. This quarrel between you two is getting people no where but "pissville". And if you have experience on message boards please use periods. Most of what you say is one big run-on sentence so if YOU want to seem to be the mature one :

    - Use periods or somewhat proper grammer.
    - Show respect to people who don't show it to you.

    (I don't care about your grammer, just my 1/50th of a dollar.)
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    That was a nice looking bass, too. I love my Jacksons. Oh well.
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