SOLD Beautiful USA G&L L-2000 (L2K) up for sale or trade. Video inside. PRICE DROP!

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    Greetings, bassists!

    I'm putting these two wonderful G&Ls BACK up... for trade or sale. They are both incredible basses but my playing needs and wants have changed a bit, so I'm looking for some different stuff.

    After almost 16 years on Talkbass and well over 300 seamless transactions, I've had some not-so-great experiences lately on both Talkbass and Reverb. For that reason, I'm taking a moment to lay out some ground rules. I feel that my rather easy-going and generous nature lends itself to being taken advantage of, so I told myself I'd do a better job of looking out for number one in the future.

    -Please do NOT put offers of any sort in the thread - send them via PM.
    -I don't take returns or refunds. I baby my gear and describe it in as much detail as possible. Please don't pay for things and then ask for your money back. Like most of us, I sell things so I can buy other things. Asking for a refund really messes with the process and is a huge waste of time!
    -I will not take payment plans.
    -I will not ship uninsured.
    -I generally WILL listen to offers but please don't try to lowball me. This isn't Craigslist!
    -If you have zero feedback on Talkbass, I'm going to probably ask some additional questions, as I would expect anyone to ask of me if I had zero feedback. We all have to start somewhere, but it's all too easy for bots and scammers to create fake accounts in 2020.
    -I will not meet in person unless I already know you, or know someone who knows you.
    -While I am generally amenable to almost any trade offer, I find it annoying when I very specifically list something I am NOT interested in, and still get offered a trade for that specific thing. There isn't much I WON'T consider, so please take 2 minutes to read my very short list of "thanks-but-no-thanks" items!

    OK that's enough of that... here we go!

    Things I'm interested in:

    -Stingrays, particularly a Stingray Special with roasted maple neck. (I'd actually be somewhat interested in anything with a roasted maple neck.)
    -Maybe a Sabre of even a Bongo if a Stingray is not an option. No Sterlings, though, sorry; can't do slim necks.
    -A Music Man Cutlass
    -A maple or ebony fingerboard G&L L-2000. MAYBE L-1000/Wunkay but I'll be picky. I'd consider an M2000. Not interested in Tributes.
    -A Fender American Deluxe Dimension HH. Not interested in non-Deluxe or non-American versions.
    -MAYBE an American Professional series Precision.
    -MAYBE a nice 4-ohm cab to go with my Barefaced Super Twin
    -MAYBE a G&L L-1000 (Wunkay)
    -Anything else unique or interesting - try me

    Things I'm NOT interested in:

    -Anything with a 1.5" nut or slim neck
    -Fretless (I already have one and don't need another)
    -Basses with more than 4 strings - cool but not for me
    -Short or medium scale instruments. 34" or 35" is my comfort zone
    -Headless or upright basses - cool but not for me
    -Anything that requires me to add a significant amount of cash. I wish I had $2000+ to pony up for your awesome vintage bass... but I don't, sorry. I am fine adding cash for the right deal but I'm generally only interested in things within the general same value-ballpark.

    Here is what I have:


    First is a beautiful ash/maple/rosewood USA G&L L2K from 1997. This is my fourth L2000, I believe. I received it in a trade for another bass and it had a bit of a "ski jump" at the 14th fret. The way this was described to me was, "Ski jump is where the wood of the end of the neck bends slightly under the last few frets, so mild cases can be cured by fret dressing, worse cases need to have the frets removed, the board planed flat, and the frets reinstalled." Before trading for this bass, I checked with Andrew Drake, who told me, "If the frets are not in bad shape, why not just let me level and dress them. Probably would take the ski jump out." So I agreed to everything, acquired the bass, sent it to Andrew, and, sure enough, he fixed the ski jump by dressing and leveling the frets. It plays beautifully now, and sounds fat, round, and loud, the way an L2K should. The problem was minor enough that it was cured with a fret level and did not require a re-fret or fingerboard planing. Overall condition is clean - beautiful clear-gloss ash body, rich rosewood fingerboard, chrome hardware in good shape. The original knobs were flaking, so I replaced them with cool and rather expensive G&L CLF knobs (see the last picture and pardon my leg, lol). Weight is about 9.4 lbs, so not too bad for a 25+ year old ash instrument. Nut width I believe is 1 11/16" and fingerboard radius 7.5" I believe. I love the "P" necks from this era. Lovely satin finish on the neck. Dunlop strap ends.

    Molded plastic G&L hard case included - the strap mechanism to hold it upright is broken on both sides so the "lid" part of the case will flop backwards, but all the hinges work and it's in otherwise good shape.

    I paid a good sum of money for the fret dress/level, new strings and setup. Final price reduction to $787.50 shipped, lower 48 US (I will ship elsewhere at your expense; contact me for an estimate.)

    Pictures below:

    clf knobs.jpg

    Another video! (bridge pickup only)


    SOLD. Second is a 1992 G&L SB-1. SOLD. Breathtaking emerald green metallic finish with the original big, mean, nasty rock 'n roll MFD split pickup. Maple fingerboard. Original tuners were sold and have been replaced with black Hipshot lollipops. Original pickguard was sold and has been replaced with a gorgeous black abalone pickguard courtesy of Tony Dudzik at Pickguardian. Weighs about 9.4 lbs and I believe the nut is 1.67" with a 7.5" fingerboard radius. Frets recently dressed and leveled by Drake Custom bass and it plays like pure, amplified butter (sorry-not-sorry for the cliche.) Pictured G&L case is NOT included (it is staying with my JB-2 which is no longer for sale) but I WILL include your choice of either a nearly-new high quality "Music Area" gig bag (Chinese import Amazon special of shockingly high quality) or a JCR hard/soft case. See pictures of both cases. Great shape overall, a few small minor cosmetic blemishes, but it's a 28 year old bass - so I'd say that it has been very-well maintained. Dunlop strap ends.

    I paid a good sum of money for a fret dress/level, tuners + tuner installation, new strings and setup. SOLD. (I will ship elsewhere at your expense; contact me for an estimate.)

    Pictures below. My little Siamese mix tabby point cat Korra ran into one of the pictures, lol.

    20200607_165837.jpg 20200607_165849.jpg 20200607_165938.jpg 20200607_165927.jpg 20200607_165911.jpg 20200607_165901.jpg sb-1 with new pickguard.jpg

    VIDEOS! (this one's a bit trippy, lol)
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    Bravo! I agree, and GLWTS!
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    Dec 19, 2004
    Omaha, NE, USA
    I have received some interesting offers on each of these basses, but they are both still here, for now. I am opening these both up for sale as well as trade. For each bass, the sale price is $925 shipped, lower 48 US (I will ship elsewhere at your expense; contact me for an estimate.)
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    Wow, that SB.....:drool:
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  5. Wow, sorry you’ve had to deal with so many clowns, oh wait I was one of them! In all seriousness the bass looks nice, I’m really mulling it over again.
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    @elberon Don't worry, you absolutely were NOT one of them, trust me. :)
  7. I put a double bass up for sale locally a few months ago and the response was well, how should I put this, it lowered my faith in humanity a few notches. Finally sold it although the first few days (really minutes) after the listing ran produced a technicolor spamfest of unbelievable proportions in my inbox.
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    Great bass and a great deal!
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    Dec 19, 2004
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    Both of these basses have been sold or traded.