For Sale Beautiful Warmoth koa Jazz body - loaded - active/passive pickups

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    Dec 19, 2004
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    I just received this as part of a trade. One of the more beautiful pieces of wood I've seen from Warmoth. Solid koa with switchable active/passive Seymour Duncan pickups. I honestly haven't messed with the pickups, so I'm not quite sure HOW they work, but they have little switches built right into the covers. Whatever the case, they sound fantastic the way they are right now. Lots of defined lows and bell-like highs. Very clear-sounding pickups but could be "muddied" up a bit with the tone knob or the EQ on your amp if you desire. Oil finish which looks nice on koa. I just applied some Danish oil to it last night to brighten it up and make the grain pop out more.

    I'm only interested in selling the body loaded (pickups, bridge, strap buttons, knobs/pots/electronics.)
    SOLD. Open to cash offers in the interest of a quick sale. No trades. Lower 48 highly preferred.

    I also have a maple/maple loaded American Fender neck for sale that was on this body when I got it.

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