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  1. I am (sort of) learning from a guy who only wants to teach me the Bebop style of bass playing. Mostly what it is is bouncing back and forth between notes and connecting changes with either a walk-up or down depending on the change. Do you know of any tips for timing and/or knowing how to connect changes so that I can learn faster from him so that I can learn other styles of playing.
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    Dec 11, 1999
    A good bass line trancends style. The concepts your teacher is teaching you can be applied to any style. Good bass lines are made up of the following:

    1. Supports the harmony
    2. Locks into the rhythm

    Supporting the harmony is accomplished in 4 ways.
    1. choosing notes from the chord
    2. creating an ostinato figure
    3. Choosing notes from the appropritae scale
    4. Creating a smooth transition between chords using passing tones and approach notes.

    Note, that I didn't talk about any particular musical style.

    Locking into the ryhythm is accomplished by listening to the drummer. The kick drum and the ride cymbal for a sense of time, the other drums for embellishments, kicks, and taste.

    Try to see these as overall concepts and not rules or particular to any style. Take the lessons your teacher is giving you and apply them to the style you want to play.