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  1. Yo..

    i'm getting a Warwick Streamer LX-5 in June..
    But i was wondering.. anybody got an LX with the 18v BEC III in it, instead of the 9v BEC II ?

    the BEC III is common in the streamer stage I, stage II and thumb Neck-thru's..

    How much do you think it will cost ?
  2. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
    Allodox, get it with Basslines if you can.
    Trust me, I went to the same thing as you ( I got an LX6 and asked the same question a while ago)
    The MEC pickups are worth "$·%·$%, they are thin and compressed, NOt bad at all, but not comparable to Bartolini or Seymour Duncan.

    My suggestion is to get Basslines Pickups and a STC-3 tone control with it. And it costs almost the same as replacing the stock with the BECIII (I asked the price) For the Preamp is about $120 (With custom gold knobs and everything) I dont know about the pickups.
  3. Nah i want the original warwick sound..
  4. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
    Many Warwick users switch to basslines to retain the sound but put it on steroids.
    P-Nut for example.

    Just my opinion.
  5. jasonbraatz


    Oct 18, 2000
    Oakland, CA
    i was going to have a custom LX 5 built with the BEC 3 and it would have cost 175 bucks in 1998.

    i plan on swapping out my BEC3 for a U-retro Deluxe in a couple months, how about you buy it from me ;)
  6. and what kind of pickups are we talking about then ?

    My favorite dealer has these in stock :

    Bartolini 59J-4/63-75 5-Str. JB set - 217.00 EURO
    Bartolini 59J-4/63-75 5-Str. bridge - 109.00 EURO
    Bartolini 59J-4/63-75 5-Str. neck - 109.00 EURO
    Bartolini 9W5-76L 5-String JB set - 240.00 EURO

    Basslines SJB-5B 5-String JB stack bridge - 113.45 EURO
    Basslines SJB-5N 5-String JB stack neck - 113.45 EURO