Becoming an instrument builder

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by dmaki, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. dmaki


    Apr 29, 2000
    Lately I've been daydreaming of becoming an instrument builder... I was wondering if any of you have partaked in designing and putting together your own bass/guitar and how hard you think it would be to develop it into a full-fledged hobby and maybe even turn it into a business. I drew a bass out today in Calc (shh:D ), kind of a Jazz-ish/Cirrus/PRS guitar look to it... I'll see if I can get it scanned, then you can all rip on it and bitterly kill my dreams of becoming a wannabe-luthier:p...

  2. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    You could learn to build basses. I don't think that's the tough part. The tough part is running a business well enough to make a living at it.

    You're probably better off making it a hobby.;)
  3. I have had a lot of fun re building basses. And I am just now getting ready to grab a slab of swampash and my router and really build a body. Its would take a lot to make a living selling hand made basses. But I bet you could do pretty well doing setups and repairs for a starting point. If you do that get bonded or insured. I know a few people who have been taken to the cleaners by a "friend" that had a problem with a bass that someone repaired.

    I don't think anyone here will rip on a design unless they can give you good solid reasons that the design wouldn't play well, or would have some mechnical problem.

    Other then that a design is just art, untill it becomes a really crappy bass.

    Just kidding.

    Here is a web site I found when I started modifying and rebuild instruments.

    I hope it helps