Beefy Gritty Pickups for my Ibanez SR 406

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    Oct 30, 2013
    I just had the active preamps bypassed on my Squier 5 string Jazz bass & those Carvin j 99a pickups sound just right with those Lo Riders.

    Now I want a similar sound from my 6 string Ibanez SR 406--whose active electronics I also recently bypassed. I don't wamt exactly the same for both basses, that would be redundant. I want a little more beef ft the Ibanez. Depth is a better term.

    If the Ibby was a jazz bass with proper jazz pup spacing this would be a no brainer. I would get Carvin JVAs. (Like the 99a's, but beefier). But the neck position pup cavity is located about an inch forward towards the bridge than a jazz neck pup. In other words its a P bass position. I suspect that inch is going to compromise the depth a bit.

    This seems to cry out for an aerodyne type combination. The Ibanez DX6 pup is a split coil in a soapbar--the same as an EMG Mightymite. Since going passive it sounds so lame with my TI Jazz rounds that I seriously doubt it will be up to snuff when I put on the Lo Riders (for good. no more TIs!)

    The other option is the Bartolini j69 l. Concievably that will give the depth in the neck position, then I can stick a j99a in the bridge for the grit. But the Bart in the neck might be too smooth. They are sold in pairs & the matching bridge pup is made brighter to growl. To what extent?

    Before proceeding I hope someone can give some insight about my options.
  2. lovethegrowl

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    Oct 30, 2013
    I just got a good deal on a pair of Bartolini J69Ls. I will experiment with the Bart's & Carvins and document my subjective impressions.