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  1. Hi everyone,

    Introducing you to my little corner of the Bass universe. Been playing since the early 2000's, I just love playing the bass and play with a few bands. I don't release videos that often as it takes time to mix and sync the video and audio. So here's me giving this a shot... More videos to come!

    Starting off with Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman:

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  2. Put up a new cover today. From an old band called TNT from Brazil. This is the first song off their first record: Ana Banana. Quite the workout for the hands :laugh:

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    Love your positivity! Dig that beefy tone too.
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  4. Thank you so much! Took me some time to work on the tones. The Boss GT-1000 is the real credit here for the overall sound!
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  5. New cover. Straightforward and solid bassline. This was an easy one to do and didn't require much mixing on the audio side. The tone here is pretty much the raw sound from the Squier with a touch of compression.
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  6. Been a while since I uploaded a cover. Got busy with moving and all its related activity. Been wanting to cover the Doobies for a while and this is just the beginning of some Doobie songs to cover in my pipeline. Tiran Porter is a really awesome bass player!

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  7. Recorded this one a little while ago and took my own lazy time to edit! John Deacon's basslines are a lot of fun. The song itself is a ton of fun!

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  8. Been a while since I uploaded a bass cover. Life got in the way for a bit and now I'm back. Went back to my drive and worked on this one.