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Been Looking at the Mooger Fooger LPF...

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Bigfeet, Apr 3, 2002.

  1. It looks really promising too, I had a chance to try it out briefly ( :mad: ) and loved that crazy funk wah sound that I automatically dialed up. It was just like Charlie Clouser's famouse intro to "more human than human" (ala. White Zombie.) I really try to go for LPF synth sounds you hear in Stabing Westward, Nine Inch Nails and White (Rob) Zombie, and the Mooger Fooger LPF comes really close to it. So it all boils down to one question; is it a worth it long term investment?
  2. oddentity


    Nov 20, 2000
    I've been wondering the same thing...

    I'm using a Q-tron now, but I want something more synthy than funky... the Mooger sounds much more synthy to me.

    Hmmm... just got reimbursed about $200 at work... should I save it for a new amp/cab, or buy the Mooger? :D
  3. I have a moogerfooger and feel a bit odd about it. I love the sound but i can really only get one good usable sound out of it. It does cause some noise and the bypass is TERRIBLE! You can also make it oscillate on its own and do some crazy spacey sounds without even using your bass which is cool to freak out some people on stage. If you get a good deal on it (like it did ;) ) then go for it but dont pay top dollar for it...
  4. monkeyfinger

    monkeyfinger Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    I have one of these. I love it's meaty and unique sound. Really stands up in the mix. You should think of the on/off switchas a hi/low. In other words get a true bypass switch box. The optional foot controller is absolute garbage. You can tell Bob was really thinking in terms of the studio and analog synth module markets when he designed this. It just happens to be great for bass.
  5. oddentity


    Nov 20, 2000
    The foot controller is garbage? Hmmm... that's one of the main appeals to me. I want to be able to sweep the cutoff with a pedal as I'm playing. I've tried (and liked) the filter by itself but the local store doesn't have an expression pedal.
  6. dont listen tot hat guy
    i use a foot controller for the cutoff and it works great
    i think the expression pedals are one of the greatest parts.
  7. oddentity


    Nov 20, 2000
    Think it would be possible to mod it to true bypass?

    Not that I would want to mess with Bob's mojo.... I'd probably just buy or make a switch box.
  8. monkeyfinger

    monkeyfinger Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    The foot controller from Mooger Fooger is a cheap piece of plastic crap. I certainly wouldn't want to gig with it. I am hoping to find a better quality controller that will work with it.
  9. ok ill give you that the moogerfooger made exp pedal seems very poorly made seeing how it is plastic and all. I was skeptical at first too but after many gigs and hours of practice and abuse it has yet to fail me. I believe that many other types of expression pedals should work fine.
    The control they give is very good though especially for cutoff. With the cutoff you can make it almost like a manual wah, adjust for different instruments or distortions, and pitch control for the oscillation.
    I am pretty sure you cannot make it true bypass because of the way it works... you need to adjust the drive control of it before you even turn on the effect so it wont distort. I have a pedal to bypass my moog as well as most of my other pedals. It works just fine and can be built for very cheap.

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