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  1. when you all started playing bass, did you get your friends who allready played it tried to give you theyre own advice on it, different ways of learning and playing, coz im kinda finding it hard to say thanks but id rather chose my own path (coz theyre good friends, but its starting to grate a bit)

    Also im a Leftie, umm Ibanez 4 string and a small Marshall amp (i think i made the mistake of going by myself and not with some one that knows stuff) i find it easier to play with my fingers rather than a pick, as when ive tried the pick i find it clashes on the other strings (clumsy i know :) )
    Also any advice on How Rodger (LTJ) has his strings set up?, finally, are there any songs out there that are good for learning the G + D strings???

    (Basically, i want to try and learn From his style as i really admire him)
  2. no one gonna reply? i didnt think i was that offensive :confused: :confused: :confused:
  3. I didn't have any friends who played, to give me advice. I just kinda taught myself. but what I realized years later is that I really didn't know all that much, so I took some lessons and that made a huge difference.

    fingers is good, picks is good... its all good;)

    I don't know that Rodger dude, sorry.
  4. G and D strings;
    a great song to learn to use 'em would be Orion by metallica.
  5. Learn spiders by soad gor g+d
  6. thanks guys
  7. rodger's a damn good bassist (for a punkster), but i reckon he just uses standard tuning, if that's what you mean...

    teach yourself the ways of the force, young jedi, that's what alot of peeps here are doing, ask around for more specific advice, as and when, take it slow, dude, you've got the rest of your life to be roger waters. use tab, use notation, learn everything, and you will prevail, oh yes.

    simon a
  8. oh yeah, nearly forgot... try and work stuff out by ear before you go running to TaBCrAWleR, it's a lot more satisfying... start off simple and stuff.

    for G and D string... longview by green day... v. show off-able (to peeps who know very little about bass, anyways)

    simon a
  9. hmmm i was wandering, what sort of idea would it be for a total beginner to form a band to learn and progress together, just thinking about it really, any views? or is it better to wait till youve got a decent level of proficiency
  10. dude, the only reason i took up bass in the first place was because my mate needed a bassist for his band... we sat down, and literally jammed for a year and a half, and i swear, i wouldn't have got half as far as i have (not that i have got really far or anything) if i hadn't been in a band...

    i would reccommend, however, that if you get into a band, practice like crazy before a gig, it's not good to start gigging when you're still reading TaBZ, it just doesn't work... i learned the harsh way, but that, my freind, is another thread...

    simon a
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    I would suggest that any advice and help from anyone should be gratefully received, whether from beginners or experts. People have different experiences and all can be helpful, even if it is just how not to do it. I can remember frustration I had when I wanted to just blaze my own trail and teach myself, but I suggest that a little more humility and a little more time spent hearing everyone's advice will be very beneficial in the long run.

    Maybe have a look at why you don't want to spend time with these people talking and playing bass, is it because what they show you seems unattainable at the moment? Then it'll be useful later on. Maybe they don't seem good enough, then share with them! Maybe you're a little intimidated or proud - then swallow it and take them for all the knowledge you can, it's not a competition. I wish I knew and had met more bass-players as I know I would have many more styles and weapons in my arsenal of bass-playing!

    Good luck in the future and with the band, jamming with people is the one of the best ways to learn and I hope you keep the bass-buzz!
  12. is it worth getting one of those electrical tuning things? (excuse ignorance, dont know what else to call them) or how do i tune it by using Harmonics and the (5th fret???)
  13. finally found an online picture of my bass, its IBANEZ GSR200BK, does any one have any oppinions of this bass?, also for future reference, which companys do people think make the best left handed bass's?
  14. Firstly, I use an electronic tuner, it's good for lazy bassists like me. But usually I only use it to tune the E string, then I just use the 5th fret method for the other strings. That is OK now, but when I started I had a really bad ear so I couldn't tune it well without the help of an electric one. I'd recommend investing in a really cheap electronic tuner and use that until you get used to what the bass is meant to sound like, then you will probably end up being able to adjust it by ear, when it sounds 'wrong'. Also, electronic ones are useful at a gig if you need to drop to D tuning or something, because it makes it quick and easy.

    I'm not a leftie but I have a friend who is and they said that the left hand model of the Yamaha BBN4 bass is pretty good.

    Hope that helps!! Keep at it.
  15. electric tuners are good, especialy when you have to tune up in the middle of a song (like I had to tonight). we got some of them boss tuners, they're great, they mute while you tune. if your guitarist doesn't have a tuner then you don't really need one either, cause he could be off. just make sure your in tune with each other.:)

    tuning with harmonics;
    do a harmonic at the 7th fret on the G string, then do one on the 5th fret on the D string while the other one is still ringing.
    now, listen to the pulse (or difference in tone). tune it untill there is no pulse.
    continue thru the rest of the stings.

    I usally don't ever tune that way, I just get the E in tune with the guitarist, then go the 5th fret route. 5th fret on the E is the open A string tone. and so forth for the rest of the strings. sometimes its easier (for me) to tune up with the A, then tune the rest of the bass around that. 7th fret on the A string is the open E string tone an octave higher.

    hope that wasn't too confusing.:eek:
  16. no that wasnt confusing at all, the Harnmonics way sounds pretty good, ill try that tonight, i cant really afford a proper tuner, so ill have to do it this way then, better i guess, learn to do it by ear quicker