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Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by InfinityJaco, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. InfinityJaco


    Jun 5, 2001
    I'm a current Berklee College of Music electric bass principle student and I'm interested in purchasing a cheap, probably used upright (I was hoping $1000 or less). Anybody have any suggestions for brands, where to buy, etc? Also, does anyone have any estimates for buying the bass, a gigbag with one of the wheels (if it doesnt come with one), and a nice bow (I'm really interested in the arco stuff).
  2. kip


    Sep 11, 2002
    Sausalito, Ca
    you are going to be hard pressed to find a decently setup bass and the all that other stuff at a price anywhere near 1Grrrr. There are probably several shops near you and you might check out Upton Bass. His site indicates a good inventory of basses with a wide variey of prices.This is offered as a reference point, not an advocacy. I've never been there, just seems like a comprehensive site/inventory . Certainly, being at Berklee affords a wealth of contacts with expertise in this regard.
  3. Chris - check your PM.

    - Wil

    PS - What does your teacher say?
  4. Make sure to check the newbie section. There is a lot of good info there that should help with many of your questions.
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