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Beginner! Will this work

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by password, Aug 17, 2002.

  1. password


    Jul 28, 2002
    I played with both the Ibanez gsr 200 and 100. For once i can't believe i liked the cheeper one. the 200 was a p/j bass which sounded more like a country bass. The 100 was a p bass and had a low rock tone which is what i want.

    Know for my amp i was looking at the SWR La 15 100w. But i am pretty far away from a dealer that would let me try it out.
    So with the gsr 100 guitar will the la 15 be a good amp.
    I play alot of hard rock and was wondering if the amp can handle the low end at pretty high volume without sounding bad. I don't really have any idea how loud it will be.

    Any help, maybe someone has heard this amp before.
  2. with the 15" speaker, low end won't be a problem, and at 100 watts, volume should be good, and since its an SWR, you won't need to worry about it sounding bad...ever. I think you're in good shape :)
  3. password


    Jul 28, 2002
    I can get it all for under 500.
  4. ndjx


    Oct 26, 2001
    Sounds like a good deal. Go for it.

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