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Beginners recording - feedback appreciated

Discussion in 'Recordings [DB]' started by Norwegianwood, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. I´ve been playing electric bass for a couple of years now, and picked up the upright this fall. Just before christmas I did a gig with some guys from school. We are all realtively new to jazz - having studied it only since september.

    I´ve got a couple of recordings, the first one being a norwegian christmas hymn, called "the lyser i stille grender." We tried to make a jazz-arrangement of it, and it´s really quite far from the original. Here it is:


    I have also uploaded our take on "what a wonderful world," which features my first live-solo ever. Prepare for som heavy glissando work :rolleyes: :)
    Oh, and the bass is a crappy plywood-instrument, with terrible mics.
  2. I think the tune sounds quite nice, lovely melody, maybe it's just my speakers here at work, but I can't hear any bass ?
  3. Well,there's plenty of bass here - perhaps even a little too much.
    Thanks for listening, anyway!
  4. ToR-Tu-Ra


    Oct 15, 2005
    Mexico City
    Nice! Me like! The bass is a little quiet in the recording, indeed. But it sounds great! Good Job!
  5. Ahhh! That is some good stuff there! You all really sound great! I just got back into Jazz Band at NWMSU, so I have to relearn a lot of what I could do a few years ago. Keep up the great work. The bass rocks, well I guess "Jazzes" would be more proper...:bassist:
  6. Listening to it on a big system with a subwoofer there IS a lot of bass, but most of it is below what computer monitors would reproduce. As it's quite a clean recording there's no harmonics in the bass sound to help your ear fill the bass line in with smaller speakers. It sounds to me like a mix off a PA desk?

    Anyway, you swing nicely on the first one, and you work well with the drummer on Wonderful World: your timing's really good. Care to tell us why everybody laughs half way through the lyser i stille grender? :)
  7. You are right on spot regarding the sound issue - I intended to roll of some bass, but never got that far. The recording is, however, done with a mic in the audience. They laugh because the sax-guy quotes the theme song from "Albert Åberg" - a famous childrens show.

    Thank you for the feedback. Good to hear our timing isn't totally off, altough I'm not happy with the beginning of Wonderful World at all...

    Thanks for listening, as I said: All feedback is appriceated - negative as well as positive.
  8. Not a show optioned by BBC Scotland, sadly :)