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Behind the pickguard: Squier P-Bass question

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by TimWilson, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Making a sight-unseen deal on a Squier P-Bass tomorrow. Before I do, I'm wondering if anyone here can tell me what's under the pickguard. I hate pickguards, and I plan to cut the guard on this one the way I've seen guys cut real Fender Precision guards —*so it covers only the control cavity.

    BUT, I've seen some Squiers/MIMs where the rout goes all the way from the cavity to the pups, or there's a weird little circle routed out under the guard.

    Does anyone here 1) have a Squier P-Bass like this one: http://blacksburg.craigslist.org/msg/3118537833.html

    and 2) know what I'll find when I remove that guard?

    I'm buying it anyway, so it's not a deal-breaker. But I'll be more psyched about it if I know I can chop that pickguard.
  2. Just slots for the pickups and a channel for the wiring and pots. Nothing special.
  3. Could you post a pic or link to the p basses with cut away pick guards?
  4. the wako kid

    the wako kid

    May 11, 2011
    most fender and squier Ps are routed from the pickups to the conttrrol cavity,so you probably wont be able to do that with that bass.there are some Ps like my johnson where the pup and control cavity are seperate and the wires run through a little channel inside the body,but not a full on route.
  5. Yeah, that's the way I've seen it done on some P's, allowing you to cut the guard down so it covers only the control cavity. I suspected that low-end P's were probably routed more slap-dash. Aw, well, I might just do it anyway, and embrace the old EVH "exposed guts" look. If, that is, the rout around the pups is at least close enough to hold them in place. If Squier pups sit in an oversized rout with only the guard holding them in place (against the downward pressure of my thumb resting on top), then I'm stuck with the guard. Did I mention I hate pick guards? I do. I really do.
  6. Seeing as how the bass you're interested in is a Squier Affinity P-Bass (like I have), then you might be able to attach the pickups in the pickup slots, but you're going to need some way to attach the volume and tone pots onto something. I'd say to take an existing pickguard, then cut out a section that covers the pot channel, attach the pots to it, then screw it down. I don't think you're going to have much of a choice as far as the pots go. At least it's not a full pickguard!
  7. I Googled, but couldn't find any photos of the ones I've seen trimmed down. But basically, it's like cutting a P guard down like a J guard—so one piece covers only the control cavity, and the rest can be removed.
  8. I'll know in a few hours. And if I wreck the guard, well, it's just one more of many, many episodes in my sordid bass-modification history wherein I took a perfectly serviceable bit of gear and destroyed it.
  9. My guess is your best case scenario is going to be the first picture. In this case they've routed the body specifically for the shape of Precision pickups.

    Knowing the cost difference between that and routing a "bathtub" route my guess is you'll need something like the old Fender JP-90s bass without the Jazz pickup in pic 2

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  10. The way it is, and the way I want it. And If I make the cut clean enough, I can always reattach the bigger section if I want to—there'll just be a visible cut line there.
  11. tabdog


    Feb 9, 2011

  12. Aw, Hell. If that's the body I'm about to buy, then the pickguard stays. It has to in order to support the pups when I rest my thumb on the top edge. Otherwise, I'll wreck the pups' screw holes right away. It was a nice idea. Thanks for the info, fellers.
  13. So yeah, I can't cut down the pick guard like I'd hoped to. But since I can see that all the bass world is fascinated by my opinion and review of this bass (aw, c'mon... pretend. It's a slow day, and this is the highlight of my week), I thought I'd submit my scores.

    FIrst, I love the weight. I know opinions vary about weight, but I LIKE a heavy bass. I've owned high-dolla basses that laid like a feather on your shoulder, and I just can't get the groove happening with a toy under my hands. This Squier lets you know it's there.

    The tone: Well, it's a Squier. What else can I say? I'm shopping for some better pups. A set of Duncan Basslines will change the whole program.

    The hardware: Here's the surprise. These tuning machines rock! Extremely smooth and accurate. Better than my expensive Bongo. The bridge is cheesy, but again... I'm shopping.

    The neck. Uh oh... I had to turn the rod until it was just about squealing to get the neck straight, but at the last turn, it finally laid down flat. When I change these rusty old regular gauge strings out for my favored extra-lights, I'm sure the adjustment range will fall into my happy place.
  14. Audiophage


    Jan 9, 2005
    You will find all the secrets of the universe under that pickguard, consider yourself warned.

    But seriously, just take it off and look for yourself, it's not that hard. The worst thing you'l find is a possibly finger lost by one of the Indonesian factory workers when assembling your Squier.
  15. It's still a good score even if you hate the PG. I'll toss out a plug for the Babicz FCH bridge. I put one on a modded MIM jazz I've got. Love it, once it's set (and it's really easy to setup) it's super sturdy, adds a little heft and won't move when you change strings
  16. All in all, I have to say this is the best hundred bucks I've ever spent on a piece of music gear. It's the third or fourth Precision or Precision-type bass I've had, and it's easily the best of the bunch. I was a little worried at first when the rod spun so freely, but it only took a moment to realize it was because the rod was fully-slacked. It wasn't doing a thing. It took several full turns before it started to correct the bow. This morning, the neck is perfect.

    And it's as stable as a Mormon marriage: I expected the bow issue would be affected by a switchout from the rusty, regular gauge mummies that were on it to a fresh set of my favored extra-lights. Nope. No change. This neck is a rock.

    And I'm even getting used to that pickguard. It'll be a good place to slap a sticker of some kind. THAT'S never been done before, huh? Hey, I'm all about originality and unexplored territory. Feel free to borrow my great idea there. I'm a giver.

    What I CAN'T get used to, however, is the lack of a thumb anchor in the bridge pickup position. I need to put a tug bar there to give me the anchor that I'm accustomed to with my other basses. And I think I found the perfect solution: A chopstick, cut to about 1.5" and attached with two small screws. I kinda hate to punch new holes into the body, but I can't get used to playing over the split pups—the tension is all wrong there. It's WRONG, I tell you! WRONG!

    So I'm sanding and shaping the tug bar. Gonna paint it black before I attach it. Meanwhile, the $2k Bongo six is across the room looking at me like, "Dude. ***? Really?"
  17. Wallace320

    Wallace320 Commercial User

    Mar 19, 2012
    Milan, Italy
    I really thought I could somehow sound crazy. Until I found (and read) ya...
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    Gentleman: when 5150 guys will come for me, I swear I'd call out for a trip at you's my friend


    PS: never meant to hurt you or offend you... I just thought your post was something like a troll but I pretty came to the conclusion you started one of the funniest thread there is... And I'm serious now

    Good night my friend (I'm writing from Italy) an italian headbanger
  18. Wut?
  19. For 100 bucks it's hard to go wrong. Glad to hear it went very right for you!
  20. Offended? Aw, Hell, Godfather, you can't offend somebody THIS drunk! I'm just too happy this weekend! I got a great bass for the cost of a few sets of strings, I have a sweet gig tomorrow, and best of all, it's raining, so I don't have to do yard work today! Epic victory!

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