Behinger MIC200 Preamp Tube Ultragain

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    Apr 2, 2011
    Sydney, 'Straya
    I'm pretty keen on getting a tube DI for live and recording. I play through a 1973 tube head and a 410. This arrangement has no DI, so I thought I'd be paying $500-800 for a Reddi, Evil Twin or similar.

    Then I happened upon They give samples of the Behinger MIC200 Preamp Tube Ultragain and they sound awesome.

    It sounds amost as good as the more boutique DI's and 10% of the price!

    I know that people worry about Behringer's contruction and longeivity, but I think this is overstated. I use their devices regularly and have never had a problem.

    Has anyone else used this and how might this be integrated into my rig?

    MIA 2010 P-Bass or Jack Casady (both with D'Addario chromes > Korg Pitch Black > Mooer elec lady flanger > EHX Octaver Multiplex > Behringer BSY600 bass synth > EHX Bass Big Muff Pi > Joyo Ultimate Drive > Hofner Vintage Compressor > 200w WASP/Holden Amp (Aussie Bassman clone) > Ampeg 410HE

    I'm thinking between the compressor and the amp, with a DI to the desk. This also means I can put this on top of my head and forget about it. Or get an A/B switch so the preamp isn't in my effect chain and doesn't colour the amp tone?