Behringer (are they good just for practice/small gigs?)

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    Apr 3, 2005
    Thread on a Behringer BA115 600watts------
    (well i had a bigger thread but it erased when i changed page)

    Well tommarow im going to GC and probably will buy a Behringer BA115. Ive read the reviews that Behringer aren't as good as other companies but i might get this cab just for practice/ small gigs. (im borrowing money from my friend to buy this cab) so im limited, thats why i thought just to go with Behringer its about 179$ for this i think.

    Well on to the point, i wanted to know are these pretty descent to practice and/or play small gigs with? and i wanted to know which is better Alumminum or paper...

    well if i do get this cab, i might order from Avatar in the future.

    im going to check this amp out tommarow (4/7)
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    Sep 28, 2004
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    I heard that Behringer are really good for cover gigs but suck for originals.

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  6. I have a Behringer 210 for the same reason your asking and it's fine. Not as good as the top guns but not bad.

    The aluminium cones I found a little bright and the paper cones sounded more warm and smooth.

    Best to have a listen for yourself and choose depending on your taste.

  7. Read Robear's review. It's fairly comprehensive and should answer all of your questions.