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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by KENNYBASSMAN, Jan 22, 2013.



    Jan 22, 2013
    norfolk uk
    hey there
    I was just checking out this site when i come across a thread on the behringer 4500 the thread was closed so i couldnt post so i thought id start off this one
    I have been playing bass for almost 30yrs and the gear i have gone through is emmence. I have used everything from HH through to mesa boogie and everything inbetween
    i have to say that the behringer i use now (and may i say i only got one becase thats what they use in the rehersal studio )is one of the most versitile amps ive had, for the price it is pound for pound far better than most amps on the market i hear some people cringe about beringher some say that cheap isnt good quality but let me tell you in this case it is i think what behringer have put together shouldnt be knocked by bass players it should be embraced let me tell you why.
    behringer and companies like this help keep the prices down on the big boys amps such as ampeg
    young kids starting out cant afford the prices even on the cheaper range from the big boys such as messa and eden
    and having made the comparison between all the amps ive used the difference in the sound aint worth the difference in cost
    all i can say is bass players who state catagorically that the more costly the amp the better the sound should have their hearing checked or go back for lessons in how to set up their equipement and for those of us who are lucky enough to play larger venues it dont matter cos the mixer man on the desk gets the sound he wants anyway so only you benifit from the amp you use no one else.
    so the big boys with the big toys please dont diss the guy who uses a cheaper amp nine times out of ten he,ll more likely be a better player than you anyway:bassist:
  2. Nice touch in the end there. D'ya troll much? LOL!
  3. RickenBoogie


    Jul 22, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    How long before this one's locked? Yoiu know, it's like this- play what you want. There are many awesome choices. It's a great time to be a bassist. But this attitude is no better than the opposite. Enjoy!!
  4. IME, Behringer stuff will last a long time if you are careful with it. I have some mixers that I still use because they rarely leave my house, but I've had amps that I gigged out with quit on me MORE than once, but I can say the same for Hartke. IME, buy expensive and buy once. Don't get your feelings hurt over someone elses opinion.
  5. craig.p


    Sep 28, 2008
    New Hampshire
    Agreed with RB. There's room for everybody in this game. Only thing I'd add is if you take a long-term view, it might make more economic sense to buy a non low-end brand second hand than to buy a low-end one new, because you'll take far less of a hit on it when you eventually decide to sell it. Also if it ever needs to be repaired off-warranty, you'd be less likely in the first case to ask yourself whether it's really worth it in terms of money spent and the probability of further problems down the road.
  6. Thanks for letting us know Ken!