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behringer bx 108

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ms747, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. ms747


    Aug 10, 2001
    hey guys i was jsut wondering what ur opinions on the behringer bx 108 combo amp are, i played one today and i was quite impressed for something that small, im lookin for a cheap either new practice amp or 2nd hand rig whatever comes along as my old amp is beginnning to crack up, i play 5 string so i need somethign that will cope witht he extra bottom end if you coudl let me know of any possibilities that would be fantastic
  2. Last December, I was, just like you, shopping for a small, yet good, low wattage practice amp.

    I tried out a lot of amplifiers and turned out to buy a Peavey Microbass. I also tried out that Behringer BX108 you like to get.

    Here's my tips:

    This is the least important part of it all, but hey what the heck... eyecandy aint bad huh? :D
    IMO that Behringer is the prettiest little combo out there. It's got the sweet vintage design, and that soft, greenish covering. It's a winner on its looks.

    the Behringer is Ok. I played it with different basses (inlcuding my own Warwick Corvette Standard 4string). It sounded good with about every 4string bass. The tone wasn't amazing, but not bad for a practice amp.
    I played a 4string Jazzbass (Fender) on it, and it also sounded good. There's one problem with the BX108 though: it can NOT handle the low B string of a 5sting bass very well. I played a Warwick Streamer 5string on it... and the amp farted it all out. It clipped; it just couldn't handle it. The sound was distorted as hell. And didn't even put the bassbutton of the behringer on maximum... So if you're planning the use a 5string on the Behringer, be aware that it might distort easily.

    So next to that Behringer (which I prefered for its looks though) was a Peavey Microbass for about the same price (Behringer was 125 euro, Peavey 130 euro).
    The Peavey kept up with the low B PERFECTLY! No distortion, clipping or farting whatsoever. Even when I used the neck pickup and the tonebutton turned fully low tones the Peavey kept it up and running.

    ... so I fully recommend the Peavey Microbass above the Behringer BX108. When you're using a 4string the BX108 should be just fine, but we sure the try out the amp with your OWN bass; that's the axe you'll be using the amp with anyhow.

    Besides those amps I also tried:
    - Fender Frontman for bass which is a nice practice amp, the Peavey sounded better and was way louder.
    - Also tried a small Trace Elliot, which sounded like **** too my ears (way to thin and sterile).

    Anywayz, I hope this long posts helps you out in making a decision towards a (good) practice amp.
  3. ms747


    Aug 10, 2001
    hey man thanks for your advice i mite look at th epeavey one also, i just gotta decide whats better as i have currently got a carlsbro old keyboard amp which is starting to crack up and somethign witha nice tone woudl be cool, so thanks heaps for ur advice and yes i play 5 string and 4 string so the 5 string handling capability is essential thanks mate
    cheers matt
  4. I picked this thread because a) it's old as dirt and b) it's the only existing thread named "Behringer BX108."

    Anyway, I bought one on ebay last night for $40 used, shipped. I figure it'll keep me from blowing my Mustang guitar amp until I can get a Bronco amp around Christmas.

    You have to admit, they do look pretty cool. And most people that have them seem to like them, as long as they don't expect too much volume.

    $_57.JPG $_573.JPG

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