behringer denoiser

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  1. when i make my warwick active from being passive, it has a bit of a hiss to it, would a behringer denoiser solve the problem?? and if not, what would?
  2. Boss NS-50.

    They stopped making these 1/2 rack gems.
    Try to find one for @ $50.

    The one with Threshold, Decay, adjustments and clip and gain reduction LED's.

    It has an instrument I/O that cuts noise developed by the bass.

    You really need this. Don't want to be preamping noise!

    And it has mono/stereo I/O to cut any noise from your preamp. Double Whammy!

    BTW there's a jack to add a on/off footswitch.

    Extremely Versitile. Maintains Sustain.
    Dead Silence.

    Here's a picture.

    Boss NS 50