Behringer Heads and Cabs

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  1. Hello

    I was reading a music catoluge this arvo and noticed that behringer had bass heads and cabs. I was wondering if anyone had played them in a shop yet.

    They were quit good prices
    $999aus for 300watt head and 600 watt 410 cab
    $1599 for power amp, pre amp, 410 cab and pedal for the preamp

    So if anyone had comments that would be good.

    Head Link
  2. DWBass

    DWBass The Funkfather

    What's the $ exchange rate to US dollars? That Behringer 300 watt head is going for $199 here in the US!!
  3. yeah cuase we are so far away from america everything is expensive...the head by its stelf is $549 and with the 410 its $999
  4. ms747


    Aug 10, 2001
    hey man another aussie here
    i donno abotu the behringer!! i saw that myself kinda to good to be true!!
    have a look at ebony bass gear made here in melbourne great stuff. have a look at the bassplayer in sydney
  5. yeah i was kinda thinking its to good to be true but you never know might be alright
  6. DWBass

    DWBass The Funkfather

    Bearing that in mind, is it safe to assume that anything top line (SWR, Hartke, Ampeg, etc) would be twice or three times the cost of that Behringer? That's insane! Are there any Aussie amp manufacturers? Or even Aussie bass luthiers?
  7. Well there are a few amp companies there is ebony as MS747 said there is lab systems cost about the same as GK and there is Ashton that is the same price as behringer