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Behringer Ultrabass 1200?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by zanthrax, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. Hi! I know there have been a few threads about this combo but no one seems to answer my question...

    Will it "kill" the natural sound of my bass? My plan is to replace my present combo (a Peavey Basic 60) with something that doesn't erase the personality of the instrument... It's quite an annoying experince to discover that your bass sounds 100 times better with any other amplifier than your own (knobs at 12 o'clock!)...:mad:

    So will the Ultrabass preserve my tone enough to i.e. get the jazzbazz growl? (My bass has the growl but not my amplifier...)

    I know that there are other combos that are much better and more powerfull but my amount of cash is very limited... By the way, please notice that I live in Sweden...
  2. Isn't the UltraBass a synth? Are you looking for a preamp (afaik, it's not one)?
  3. Last time I checked Behringer Ultrabass BX1200 was a 120 watt combo amp with an 12" speaker...

    At least thats what the claim on Behringers website... ;)
  4. Yes I know but thats the Ultrabass Pro (if you choose to skip BX1200/EX1200 like I did). Besides, if I wanted to know about that one shouldn't I post in the "Effects forum"?

    Ain't there anyone out there who has tested it or owns it? Anyone who knows one who knows one who knows one who heard someone test it in a musicstore???
  5. OK, I'll do my best to answer your questions. I own a Behrenger Ultrabass 1200BX. It is a combo amp with 12" speaker. It's rated at 120 watts, but I run no higher than about 2/3 volume. Higher than that and the lows start to clip. The little amp has a good, bright tone, definately handles the low-E and even the low-B very well. I use this as a practice amp at home, but prefer the Ampeg 350 watt unit through a 4X10 cabinet that I use at church. The Ampeg setup gives me a warmer tone, which I prefer, than the bright tone on the Ultrabass 1200. The Ultrabass function on the 1200BX synthesizes (hope that's the best word to explain) a bass tone an octave lower than the one played and adds that to the original note played. It's a cool effect, but I prefer not to use the function and play with a normal tone. The Ultrabass function is controlled by either a footswitch (included) or a button on the amp. You asked if the Ultrabass 1200 gave a natural tone. I would say, yes it does. But then, so does the Ampeg system I use at church. One amp produces a warm natural tone, and the other a bright natural tone. It's a matter of preference, not right or wrong. The Ultrabass 1200 feels rock solid, is heavier than it looks. If the electronics prove to be reliable, I expect to have this amp for a long time. It makes a good practice amp for me and has enough power for a small concert or "garage gig". If this doesn't answer your question, let me know and I'll try to be more specific.
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  6. You left off the BX/EX/etc, so you could have left off the Pro as well..

    Also, you asked "So will the Ultrabass preserve my tone enough to i.e. get the jazzbazz growl? (My bass has the growl but not my amplifier...)". It stands to reason you could be asking about the Pro, which is some sort of basSs-ackwards pre-amp/synth, which would belong in Amps.. or Effects.

    Anyway, hope you find what you're looking for.
  7. To KeiBau

    Thank you! This is what I wanted/needed to hear! :D At this time I actually don't care if it is a warm or bright tone because my Peavey kills ALL tone... Again, thank you. I will now start my quest for money. :)

    To patrickj

    "With this digital subharmonic synthesizer you can add unbelivable bass power to your sound system" This quote is from a Behringer catalog. What do I mean with this qoute? That I consider this an effect and not a preamp which means that if I would post a question about the Ultrabass Pro EX1200 I would post it in the effects forum. I did not realise that you might consider it to be a preamp, my fault.

    But finally I've got an answer to my original question. :)