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Behringer Ultragain pro MIC222

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by miccheck1516, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. miccheck1516

    miccheck1516 Guest

    Feb 15, 2003
    After seeing jocks thread i was wondering, would This be suitable for use as a bass preamp?

    Are there any other 'cheap' alternatives for boosting the siginal from a bass to line level as well as having some eq options? A tube is not imperative, but would be nice.

    Ive played my part in all the other behringer thread and i know how some people stand with regard to them. Just let me say, i dont want to hear it. Its not that im being ignorant, i just see it from a differant angle. So please, dont turn this into another typical behringer thread.

    PS: What is the phase rev option affect my sound? Also, how do parametic eq's work? With this one i would assume that you simply choose what frequency you want to adjust, and then boost or cut it accordingly, then select another frequency and do the same?

    Edit: after reading more, it seems like it has no mid controls? can anyone confirm this for me?
  2. I've used the UtraGain tube preamp as my primary preamp (in conjunction w/ a dbx comp and some DIY effects). Great sounding preamp, really great warm sound to it. It's not subtle (depends a lot on the tone of the bass in part), but it's not one of those really hard driven tube sounds (just in case that's what your looking for). The ultragain Pro that you're looking at was very similar sounding to mine when I A/B'd them. I've since sold the pramp because I needed a more portable (non-racked) rig. Great sound, but ultimately size/weight became an issue.

    (sorta off topic, but Behringer related)

    FWIW, I used my Behringer bass V-Amp (non-rack) last week with an Ampeg 15" combo at a gig in Wash DC for a bunch of Senators & Congressmen for the National Cherry Blossom Festival (^_^ @ Cherry Blossom Princesses).. that V-Amp has the best PHAT subtle-to-overdriven tube preamp [model] I've ever heard anywhere, digitally created or real tubes. IMO, if your looking for a rack preamp, forget about the UltraGain and get the V-Bass Amp rack model - it's roughly the $$$ and you can do a lot more w/ it.
  3. miccheck1516

    miccheck1516 Guest

    Feb 15, 2003
    Thanks for the reply, i had thought about the bass v-amp but i dont like the digital aspect of it, i think perhaps there would be just too many options available.

    I have a zoom multi-effects pedal lying around that i sometimes plug my guitar into and i find that my tone is awful when in 'bypass' mode. Is this the case with the v-amp?
    Is it possible to run the behringer without using any of the amp/cabinet presets and simply use gain, bass, mid and treble conrtols?

    Also, does it have a compressor, if so, is it any good?
  4. I've never really worried about analog vs digital that much, looked more for what did the job that I wanted (and could I afford it ;)). There are a lot of effects options available with the V-Amp, but I don't use them (they could be great, but I have no interest in them for my music).

    There are 2 bypasses. One is the kind you are looking for, bypass all of the speaker/amp/effects sims (essentially the two main knobs in the middle of the unit) and everything else is left on (EQ, comp, etc). The 2nd is a tuner bypass that turns off everything except volume and iirc gain. It also serves as a kill switch with the volume all the way down.

    The compressor (&limiter) is pretty nice. Most of my live gigging is jazz on EUB, but I play/practice everything and I've been able to get pretty thick Mudvayne-bass style compression out of this thing (hope the example makes sense :ninja: )

    The DI sucks though. And that includes the UltraTube I had & the UltraGain you are looking at. Whatever you get, don't factor in DI in your decision - get an external DI with ground lift.

    (in the spirit of Harm. Cent.) If it was ever stolen, I'd def. buy another one ;)