Behringer V-Amp Amp and Effects Simulator

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  1. Trying to sell this elsewhere, but figured someone on TB may be interested too. This is basically Behringer's take on the POD. Models amps, effects, cabinets, distortion, and reverb. Also comes with a built in tuner and noise gate. Tap tempo for time based effects. Presets are accessed through the V-amp or by using the included dual button foot-switch, which really comes in handy for live playing. This has been used with great success in the studio and for practice, and I'm sure it would work fine on gigs too. I do not play guitar anymore, so out goes the gear...

    Features Include...
    *16 Amp Models: Tube Preamp, American Blues, Modern Class A, Tweed Combo, Classic Clean, Brit Blues, Brit Class A, Brit Classic, Brit Hi Gain, Rectified Hi Gain, Modern Hi Gain, Fuzz Box, Ultimate V-Amp, Drive V-Amp, Crunch V-Amp, and Clean V-Amp.
    *16 Effects: Rotary, Echo, Delay, Ping Pong, Phaser + Delay, Flanger + Delay 1, Flanger + Delay 2, Chorus + Delay 1, Chorus + Delay 2, Chorus + Compressor, Compressor, Auto Wah, Phaser, Chorus, Flanger, and Tremolo.
    *Controls Knobs: Master Volume, Preset Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble, Gain, Reverb, Amp Select, Effects Select and Effects Mix.
    *Buttons: A or Midi, B or Drive, C or Cabinet, D or Reverb, E or Noise Gate, Bank Up and Bank Down (also used for setup), Tuner and Tap Temp (also used for exit).
    *Primary input, auxiliary input w/level control, foot-switch input, left and right line outputs, headphone output (All 1/4"), and MIDI in and out.

    Works perfectly. Cosmetically there are a few light scratches here and there, but they're minimal. The most "major" cosmetic flaw is a marking that partially cuts through the "V" in V-amp (see picture). Kept in a smoke free studio (really!)

    Selling for $60 including shipping in the lower 48 states. You will get the Vamp, padded Vamp bag, dual button foot switch (for switching between bank up and bank down for presets), and AC adapter. SOLD AS IS.
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