bela fleck earth jam

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  1. I CANNOT GET THIS SONG! I'm completely stuck and i shouldn't be. I haven't done some ear training in a while and its a skill i need to maintain. I am trying this song and cannot get it. From what i can Tell it starts on a D then something else then goes to an A. (The first riff that is) If someone can just tellm e roughly what it is i can figure it out, i really just need the base/bass note
  2. the opening riff goes like this:


  3. Yes! That's the groove.
    What time is it in if you understand?
  4. The song is in 4/4. If you want the actual rhythm i guess i could figure that out but only if you want me to
  5. Are you sure? I will check out again and get back to you
  6. i'm prettys ure its 4/4 or 2/4. I think it feels better to count it in 2
  7. wait no i actually listened to it now. before was just from memory. The main riff is in 5/4. all the other parts should be in 4
  8. The is also parts in 3/4. It's great tune
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    I think this is a great demonstration of why Tabs are often useless to bass players - so hey, there are only 12 possible notes and it's easy to pick out the pitches - but what is usually hard about bass lines, is the rhythmic placement of notes.....:meh: