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Belated NBD. It's a Revelation

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by kodiakblair, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. Actually I've had this a couple of months but the contract's went to blazes and work took over,been on 7 days since end of July.

    First saw the Revelation brand a few years back and for you folks here's some background on them. As a few are aware Hohner harmonicas had a guitar side,the HQ was in Wales and it was headed by Alan Entwistle. The guitar side got wound down and sold. When the new owners decided on guitars again they asked Alan back as an advisor/designer and used the old Hohner brand name Revelation.

    It's very much the same deal Vintage had with Trev Wilkinson. Trev worked for Entwistle back in the 80's. Designed in UK,built in Far East.

    So the RPBX,what is it ? A lovely double P jazz bass is what it is :) I'd planned on building one like it but picked this up for a bargain £175.

    34" scale,probably 10.5lbs. A shallow maple neck with 42mm nut,treated fretboard material with the made up name Lignum-Rosa :D Jumbo frets,blocked and bound. The body is Okoume.

    2 Vol,1 Tone control Alan's Neodym pickups. Pots have a good solid feel. Entwistle pickups have a good name over in the UK. I'd prior experience with them so knew just how powerful they are. Think Duncan Basslines but with twice the output and you're close :thumbsup:

    Balances well,sounds great,I love the neck. Photos now.

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  2. InternetAlias


    Dec 16, 2010
    Teacher, I need 2P!

    Great bass, really love those! The only one I had come into contact with was really on the heavy side, which was a deal breaker for me, but they play and sound great! The one I tried had a standard J pickup configuration, tho.
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