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  1. Hey guys, ok this isa my first post so take it easy on me!! I thought i'd just introduce myself, and say, check out your local guitar company!! I just ordered my new bass, and the locals seem the way to go. Because, i reckon there arn't many companies in the world, where you can walk into the factory, meet the 4 dudes running it. Choose the exact wood your bass is going to be made out of and just having them there to help you. So it's cool. And i guess I'll See yas aorund posting!
  2. Hey Bloody!!Bout bloody time then! :p

    Welcome to talkbass mate!:) Open a slab o tinnies for us down under,eh? :D

    Glad you got to hook up with some local boys who
    you are happy with.There are tons of small Luthiers out there in the shadows....I`ve heard of many since being on tb.Nice to get a hand made piece of work from a person/team who loves music/bass like you do!

    Post some pics of your bass(to be) when you get a chance bro!:cool:

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    Jul 25, 2000
    summerville, sc
    i just found that there is a dealer for belman basses in the US...atlanta custom guitars in atlanta (duh). belman basses i would really dig a chance to try one of these out...