No longer available Benavente 7 SCB 33 scale black oak burl with crushed turquoise

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    West Virginia
    This is a feeler. I won't sale unless the right offer is made!

    This is a Benavente that was completed July of 2016. It has been gigged one time and otherwise only used at home. Comes with a gruv gear gigblade bag.

    33 scale
    2/3 switchable band Benavente EQ
    Volume volume master tone
    Now has Delano Times Square pickups instead of the Delano SBCs with single/series switch for each
    Bolivian rosewood fingerboard
    Walnut/maple b type neck
    Hip shot tuners and bridge.
    Black oak burl top and back with turquoise in the voids
    Ash core

    This bass plays like a dream, super low action and straight neck. The tones from the preamp, pickups and switching is versitile! A super strong low end that cuts well in a mix.

    If you have seen my other posts. I am about to embark on the journey to become a D.O. ONLY reason I am considering selling this. I have a 9 string as well that covers what I need from this bass... and I don't think would be as open to sale!

    Only issue! The truss rod COVER cracked into two pieces by a mistake. Chris Benavente can fix it, I just haven't sent it off due to being absent minded!
    Otherwise the bass is in PERFECT shape not a mark on her!

    Shipping will be FedEx insured and packed.

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  2. eddododo

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    Apr 7, 2010
    Hubba hubba glwts
  3. gustobassman

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    Mar 31, 2011
    Sandy Eggo
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    The turquoise is absolutely beautiful. Work of playable art for sure. GLWTS!!
  4. Karl Kaminski

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    Aug 26, 2008
    BeautifuL! Whats the spacing? Do you have it strung low F# or B (or other?)
  5. Low B

    Spacing is 16.5 but can be adjusted
  6. Would do partial trade for a bongo 6 or fretless
  7. Delano Times Square pickups

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  8. Becoming more motivated to sell, not due to the bass being anything less than amazing, but the impending expenses of medical school!
  9. Willing to negotiate price
  10. 5000 obo
  11. Opening up to more trades but there must be cash involved as well.
  12. Lowest I can go, let's get this going
  13. Will trade for dingwall super j
  14. Willing to offer a massive talkbass only discount PM if interested
  15. 3575 shipped for talkbass
  16. No longer for sale at
    This time