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    I just picked this bass up in a trade about two weeks ago from a fellow TBer. I’m selling/trading it because I really want to stick to a less is more commitment that I made to myself, which pains me because this is a fantastic instrument.
    Here are the details to the best of my knowledge.
    Benavente DCD - 6 Custom
    Bridge spacing as measured with a caliper - 18mm
    Body - Bubinga with a walnut top
    Neck - appears to be walnut/maple with a rosewood board
    Scale - 33”
    Weight - 9.8 lbs according to my old school mailing scale
    Hipshot tuners and bridge
    Aguilar obp3 preamp - controls are stacked volume/master tone/bass/mid/treble/kill switch and I think the two extra switches are coil taps.
    Brass nut
    The slap ramp appears to be Wenge and looks like it was added after it was built.
    How it plays -
    The neck is thin, super fast and super comfortable. The frets are in great shape and it sounds nice and even across the entire board. String to string the bass is really even in tone and feel which I was not expecting. The tone from this bass is just about wherever you want it to be. Want to lay back in the mix, it does that. Want to punch through the mix, it does that. Want a stellar slap tone, it does that. Want that jaco sound, it does that too. Want super fast and articulate fingerstyle, it does that. Maybe a nice thick round sound, yep it does that too.
    For bonus points it comes in at 9.8 lbs and that is pretty light for a 6 string. It comes with a nice gig bag. The 33” scale with an 18mm bridge really seems to balance out the normally uncomfortable feel of a 6 string. The string spacing is wide enough that you don’t trip over the other strings and because the neck is then and scale length is a hair shorter it feels more like a 5 string. The action is low but fully adjustable if you prefer higher. No neck dive either.
    Cosmetically the bass is good but not perfect. There are some scratches on the bottom of the bass that I have tried to picture. 4E72C57E-5B5E-4565-B595-63A898C564C3.jpeg 462CAC27-7118-43E6-A40A-BEDDC1509B53.jpeg 07C9E5C7-83B0-4799-81A6-1B5E9C726683.jpeg 5217958E-20D0-4BD1-BBAC-962F7D707AC7.jpeg B71AFB7E-172E-453B-80FF-E8ACA29A355B.jpeg 06A905A6-FB63-4ABD-A5C9-EC4BDA70D1DB.jpeg 9CDC3BFD-854E-4F5E-9F41-46254935D3E1.jpeg C783CA12-7ED0-44C0-BBD9-B136FA8FB01D.jpeg 3672AF15-435C-4801-9818-F8F10040065D.jpeg 07F84EAF-A630-4030-9654-70B0D86B4CDD.jpeg 3847B693-7B53-43A5-B98A-F957DB64F5D7.jpeg C5D4C03B-B665-4D45-8DF2-34722D5A962A.jpeg

    If you have questions let me know and I will do my best to answer them.

    Price includes shipping Conus.
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  2. Brother Goose

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    Dec 4, 2013
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    God Is Love
    That is pure sexual chocolate. GLTWTS!
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  3. i firmly believe in the future, 33" 6 strings will be understood as "the way to go"

    i've owned two, and i've tried to re-purchase both of them, and failed because the new owner in both cases sold all their other basses and kept only the 33" 6 string bass.

    too bad i have nothing to offer for this beauty!

    good luck with the sale.
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  4. tlockett

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    Mar 21, 2011
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    Has this bass sold ?
  5. tlockett

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    Mar 21, 2011
    Los Angeles
    I PM'd you
  6. Taps07


    Sep 16, 2008
    Man I wish this bass was still available!
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